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Does Your Website Need to be Fired? :: May 13, 2010 Newsletter

Let’s work on making you more money!

This week, I’m focused on 2 ways to help you:

1. Does your website need to get fired and replaced? The average shelf life of older-style websites is 3 years; newer sites are more fluid and designed for a state of easy constant evolution. My latest: – tied to our control panel system, so you, the client, can edit your site at any time. We are slowly converting current clients to this system on an as-requested basis, so if you have a site from us and want your site control-panel enabled, let us know and we’ll update first come first served. If you don’t have a site from us, well, ask yourself, is your website…

  1. Attracting new leads each day? Is it ranking high in the search engines organically, i.e. without having to pay for it?
  2. Capturing leads – so the visitors you have, are you capturing a sufficient % of them, so you can follow up and work them as leads?
  3. Educating, so you spend more time selling, and less time on basic discussion?
  4. Building trust & helping your sale – this is the most basic site and there’s no excuse for not doing this… furthermore, your site might be worse than free – it might be _costing_ you sales.

The #1 mistake entrepreneurs / sales pros make when shopping for a website, is shopping based on price, and not price-per-lead-captured or price-per-closed-deal. You could have a free website that causes you to lose deals, or you could have a $10,000 e-marketing system that triples your income. Which is the better deal? A website is a storefront, not a brochure. Treat it as one, and it will make you money.

For a free website review, or to kick around your e-marketing ideas and find out how much time and money it’ll take to make those ideas reality, give me a call. We’re up to 5 people, and hiring more this month specifically for SEO, and another designer – we can help you.

2. Recruiting Systems – Build a Sales Army! We as a company are about to launch some very big stuff we’ve been working on for 18 months, and are hiring. As such, I’ve been thinking a lot about building teams and streamlining recruiting efforts. Ways we can help: Automating candidate flow, automating first-interview pre-screens, so you focus your attention on the best 20% instead of reading 50-500 junk resumes from people you won’t hire anyway, then deployment systems: build an army of bird dogs, recruit agents under you and give them instant websites. If you want to build a team, a tech wiz kid like me can help you leverage technology. Contact me for more info.

3. Other misc headlines: continues to grow and get refined, our attention to making the app better is paying off – server logs show that people like the changes, and are using the software to close more deals. Keep the ideas flowing, I want to build whatever makes you money! – – we’re ramping up SEO Videos – Search Engine Optimization videos…we can guarantee you page 1 of Google for 99.9% of keywords (we’ll tell you in advance), packages starting from $299/mo with 6mo contract required (getting on page 1 is easy, it takes more work to make it stick). continues to move along nicely, we hired another programmer this month just for that and it’s paying off. Last, we’re hiring sales pros, who want to earn $10k/mo, working from home. It’s commission only, full time, and all the support you need to succeed. Contact me for details.

As always, there are only 4 ways to earn more: Get more leads, close a higher %, earn more per deal, and reduce cash outflow. What small change can you make today that improves one of those areas?

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