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How to Edit Email Signatures

Templates allow you to use the variable {signature} in them, and thus have a company-wide template that is customized to each sales rep. This short video will show you how to customize your own signature.

Opportunity Details Page Help

CRM Opportunity Details Training Video Opportunity Details Page Help File – Training Video. This video covers the detail page, about a single selling opportunity (aka “deal” or client or sale). The Overview In Depth full details… Older videos that might be of help…. Overview – CRM for Small Business – Sales Flow in General Older Read More…

Help on Help

Help on HelpSep 09,2014

On any page, click the help icon in the top right to see help about that specific page. The system will know what page you’re on, and so the help files will be specific. If you encounter a blank page, just let us know! We’ll be happy to complete it for you – they all Read More…


FormsMar 31,2011

Forms Wizard Help Page – SwiftCRM contains a powerful forms generator wizard that makes it easy to create great looking, dynamic, powerful forms to add to any website.

Reset / Change Password of Employee

Reset / Change Password of Employee

Question: How to Retrieve Names We’ve Called

How to Retrieve Names We’ve Called – Help file – sort by call-attempt for leads management when working with dialer campaigns.

How to Create Forms & iSignature Docs & Doc-Templates

Overview of SwiftCRM’s document system, which includes iSignature electronic signature. This is often used for sales prosposals, invoices, intake forms, hiring procedures, etc.

Why Webmail is Better

Why Webmail is Better – Solve email sync issues, work smarter.

Switch to SwiftCRM

Switch to SwiftCRMMay 12,2010

How to reduce your CRM costs, increase ROI, increase functionality by switching to SwiftCRM, your instant sales dashboard and company intranet.

CSV Import

CSV ImportApr 30,2010

How to import Aged Leads into SwiftCRM, or migrate from competing systems to SwiftCRM hosted CRM software.