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This process is best done in order without skipping steps.

  1. The Trial Run: Converting some “Maybe”s to “YES” + handling transactions. Basic Opportunity Handling
    1. Basic SwiftCloud Setup:
      1. If you haven’t already, set your personal profile in SwiftCloud // required for spam compliance on emails, and the social connection is required to use certain features. Also sets your time zone, language, etc.
      2. Next, if you haven’t already, add or connect to a company or companies you work with, and ensure they have “Deal Types” defined. // required to configure the CRM to your industry.
    2. CRM: Run a few deals through it! Drop in some potential sales, active transactions manually.
    3. Habits: Prepare for cut-over by gathering loose ends – business cards in a drawer you should follow up with, etc. Also, copy the iCal feed into your old/existing calendar so you don’t drop any followups. Notice your current pattern of when potential deals come in. Bookmark the CRM on your phone so you can easily store contacts in the field.
  2. The Commit: After you’re comfortable with the above, it’s time to import contacts and set a “cutover date”. This is the date you stop using your old system and commit.
    1. Import all your contacts (usually via CSV or TSV from excel spreadsheet)
    2. Set reminder notes on your old systems to break the habit for the first few days.
    3. Change any landing pages and/or website forms to feed Swift Marketing and/or Swift CRMs
    4. Dive into the Opportunity Details page in full to unlock the full power of the system.
  3. Success Habits
    1. The most powerful software in the world is worthless if not used. Tips for maximizing results, your Return On Investment, and making success a habit.
      1. Use triggers: Calendar (follow-up tasks), Daily Digest Email, Phone Shortcut to add Opps, notes on old former system, email piping, install Gmail Gadget
  4. Accounts & Database Marketing
    1. Tag and categorize your A+, A, B, and C clients. Setup rules for keeping in touch.
  5. Proposals / Quotes
    1. Try it! Send out a sales quote.
  6. Sales Automation: The Holy Grail
    1. Tip: We have some templates to get you started.
  7. Integration & Tying it all together
    1. SwiftCRM is better when combined with SwiftCloud as a whole.
      1. Create free leads using Swift Radar








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