Sales Automation is Less Effort, More Results.

Every business has a sales funnel – a metaphor for understanding how clients get introduced to how you can help them, then qualifying, and ultimately deciding that ownership of the benefits you offer is worth the financial price for the service or product.

What sales automation means on a practical level is a set of integrated tools to help all stages of that funnel – from “unawareness” at the top, to driving repeat and referral business at the bottom. Here are some of the sales automation tasks that SwiftCRM can help you with:

  • Website form / data-capture integration. Your powerful back office can help you generate web-forms to capture leads, create online applications, and more. The sales automation system automatically creates and even prioritizes a lead for you and your team, without having to re-enter data.
  • Status tracking, including “snooze” and “activity sniffing” and incubation. In sales, you have a variety of clients in various stages of the sale-process at any given moment. You need to be able to “snooze” one deal til Thursday so the client can talk to his partner, you need to keep your sales team focused on the highest value clients, you need to maximize income from every lead. You probably also have leads that occur as “junk”, or “tire-kickers” or even “delusional” (hey, we’re in sales too!) – but those are real leads. They want the benefits you offer. They just may not be ready. SwiftCRM’s sales automation can automatically stay in touch with them, then monitor their online activity (via a “cookie”) to let you know when they’re reheated or more interested.
  • Information Distribution. In sales, you probably have certain conversations you have over and over again. Coupled with media tools (same backend system), you can quickly create and use media “widgets” with video, audio, forms, e-signable documents – and all of it can be emailed, embedded into any website, or used via human-friendly short URL’s. SwiftCRM has one unified database (read: totally seamless integration) Electronic SignatureMovoxo Media Tools & Virtual Employees, and Website technology.
  • Fulfillment Automation. While we all love that whole “money for nothing” idea, you’ll surely need to deliver the product, provide the service, or ship something. From the most basic autoresponder (every account includes unlimited autoresponders) to complicated multi-party deals with many moving parts, you’ll be covered. SwiftCRM was born out of work for the mortgage industry, in which deals involve many parties all working together, with many steps, sensitive data, and hundreds of pages of paperwork. No matter what your transaction is, you’ll be able to share every deal with unlimited partners, allow client and referral partners to view status online, and track many moving parts, including tracking of exceptions and “needs help” data.
  • Lead Management. If you’re buying leads or generating them yourself, or want to load in raw data for a dialer campaign, SwiftCRM will handle your leads. Incoming web leads allow for various rules (i.e. “round robin”, “top closing ratio”, “first-to-grab”, etc.) for lead handling, or rules for automation on what marketing to trigger when leads do come in. You can set rules by lead-type too.
  • Marketing Integration. Sales starts with marketing, or at least with data of prospects. Part of SwiftCRM’s approach to sales automation is tracking response on marketing campaigns – so you’ll know at a glance whether that new postcard paid off, your google ad is profitable, or how many leads your email blast brought in. You can even track by referral source, and develop campaigns for creating more referrals using proven best practices (i.e. schedule referral-source calls every 21 days, trigger handwritten notes, etc.).
  • Sales Automation that fits you. We firmly believe that humans are more difficult to change than software, therefore, whenever possible the software should conform to the human, not the other way around. We take great pride in making useful software that even non-computer types come to love. Furthermore, we believe our hosted CRM should work on your terms, your way – which provides you access from anywhere in the world, from any web-enabled device (phones included). For more on why hosted CRM is better than the old-school software you install, check out our blog post on the topic “Why Hosted CRM Software is Better“. Better yet, take a free trial of SwiftCRM. Get our humans on the phone, and tell us how different your business is. We know, it really is different… just like every other business! If you get money for providing a service or product, we can help.

We continue to develop new tools in response to clients like you every day. SwiftCRM is large enough to be stable and growing, but small enough to provide personal service to help you get started.

We want to help! Please contact us for more info.