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This post is wholly to solidify our position for the phrase “Swift Marketing”, and since you’re reading it, the tactic has apparently worked.

I say “apparently” because, at the time of writing, I don’t know how you found Swift Marketing. It’s unlikely but possible you arrived on this exact post via other SEO efforts, random stumbling, or recent posts. That said, one thing matters:

How can Swift Marketing
increase your sales revenue?

First, everyone has a pretty good idea of the “sales funnel” – every potential client starts at the top with “awareness”, and is then moves down through the funnel, through “interest” to “qualification” to “proposal” to “agreement” then finally “fulfillment” and then “referral source”.

Notice I didn’t stop with fulfillment. Our job (your job) isn’t complete till the client is happy with the value delivered, and becomes a referral source.

Furthermore, worthy of study is what happened to the people that fell out of the funnel?

Some are not interested. If you sell a higher-priced, complex-sale product, it’s not going to be an impulse purchase. You can’t sell plastic surgery or real estate on impulse, and even if you did, the transaction would probably fail if the client wasn’t committed prior to payment anyway.

The #1 way to increase sales with no increase in marketing spend is to solidify your automatic followup — your conversion ratio of leads-to-sales.

Of course, we think the best way to automate is either using a simple email autoresponder (downside: it’s not very smart, upside, simple to install and set up – recommended is Aweber.com) or better yet, a hosted CRM like SwiftCRM. The upside to the CRM is you can trigger automatic behavior (emails, postal mail, calls, texts, etc.) based on multiple triggers (form-captured-through, date or days after capture, calendar, status of sale, referred-by tracking and more), and add conditions (i.e. don’t market if they’ve already bought!). Taking the time (or just hiring our team) to set this up is a one-time investment that will create an automated marketing factory that runs like clockwork on every single lead that comes through the system.

Swift Marketing can help you generate more leads and incoming potential clients. While the sales roles in companies vary, typically the hand-off of responsibility is for the marketing department (Swift Marketing!) to create a flow of people interested in your product or service. It’s then up to your internal team to educate and qualify and close, though of course we, swift marketing, can create the incubation marketing and conversion optimization to help the “cream rise to the top” – so you spend more time with people ready to buy, and less time on everything else.

If your primary objective is to create leads (i.e. we’re not experts at retail – but we are at leads generation), then Swift Marketing can help you grow. How? Tell us about your business, and we’ll be happy to show you!

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