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If you’re looking for software that’s affordable and simple to understand to help grow your HVAC business, check out SwiftCloud.

What makes SwiftCloud a good choice for HVAC Software?

Your happy clients can drive more business

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If you have a client that’s satisfied with the service that your HVAC company provided, why not use them to drive more sales? When someone is looking for HVAC services, there’s a high probability that they’re going to go online and read reviews before they make a decision on who to use. If you have satisfied clients, it’s time to utilize them to the highest extent.

When you finish setting up a system for your clients, auto-generate a review that you can send to them. With easy one-click sharing, they can fill out your form and have it shared with Facebook, Yelp, Google, and any other platform you desire. It really is that simple! Customize your surveys for 0 to 10 ratings or 1 to 5 stars, use your own URL, branding, and logo. 

If your clients have left a satisfactory review, you can set it to auto-publish so people can find it when searching the web for HVAC services. If they’re not happy, though, don’t auto-publish but instead open up a trouble ticket. This way, you can address their concerns without tarnishing your reputation.

When people are pleased, it should help you grow your business, so make sure that you provide your clients with every chance to share the good word!

Growing your business should be your top priority and when you automize, it can be

Don’t spend your valuable time with administrative tasks that can be handled with automation. Get your workflow moving right so you can grow your HVAC business. Easily make it so you can auto-collect payments and signatures and collect all the needed forms.

When your clients use online booking to request your services, you can have them make payments, fill out a form with the information you’ll need to get started, generate a contract that they can e-sign right away, and send them a thank you note for choosing you.

Our form generation software also lets you generate tripwire offers for your landing pages, create popovers that are timed, based on exits, and more. Landing page toppers can do wonders for driving more business! You can even set up call-to-actions. It’s a drag-and-drop builder so you don’t even need to know HTML! 

Your HVAC business deserves the protection that e-waivers can offer

When you use our e-waiver software, you can make sure that your HVAC business has all the needed protection for potential liability. You can design your own forms and decide how simple or complicated you want to make your forms. With the ability to add easy to understand language, you can ensure that you and your clients are on the same page.

If-then branching logic can save everyone valuable time and the headaches that come from having to mark out unnecessary information. For example, if you set up your e-waivers to ask your clients questions regarding their ventilation systems, they can choose answers that are unique to them. This way, if they have a two-story house, they can go ahead and choose one option, but if they don’t, they can skip it and move right onto the next section.

e-Waivers can do more than protect, though. You can also use them to double-check the information that your clients have provided. With the ability to look them up by name, you can easily add them to email lists and retarget ads. When your work is finished, you can use the info they provided to auto-generate surveys to send them and you can export to email lists. You can also use the app to send emails.

Get your contracts e-signed fast

If you have to wait for a client to sign a contract, you could lose out on a potential customer if they decide to hold off, go to your competition, or simply forget about you. You want to be able to get a contract sent and signed before they can change their minds.

With e-signatures, you can do exactly that.  Have your clients use their phone, computer, tablet, or a kiosk to sign a legally binding contract before they’re even off the phone! 

Everyone will get an emailed copy of the PDF that’s signed, and each signer will also be added to a Social Shared Workroom. This cloud-based folder will let you add comments, leave notes, download and upload more docs, and even embed photos right into their information for quick verification. You can even reuse templates so you don’t have to worry about designing something new for every HVAC client that you reel in.

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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It should be simple to start using automation for your business. So whether you want to start using our marketing integrations, customizing your customer reviews, working with e-waivers and e-signatures, or automating your workflow, we can walk you through whatever help you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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