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Rental Property Software + 7 Proven Landlord Tips

SwiftCloud started in real estate and is possibly the best rental property software for small to medium portfolio landlords who don’t want to spend hundreds per month.

Key features of SwiftCloud’s Rental Property Software for Landlords include…

  • Online Tenant Applications, phone formatted, with legally binding e-Sign
  • Tenant Management, via the Contacts Manager + Custom Fields and notes
  • Vendor Management, with options for 1099s and funds disbursement
  • Monthly ACH e-Check Auto Invoicing (NEW – in Beta) The same software we use for recurring monthly invoicing is available to you. If payment fails, the invoice will still stay open. Later we’ll be able to auto-trigger 3 day notices, etc. and automation routines on a preset schedule based on your state / country laws, but these docs can be easily created now using our templates system. Our invoice system already allows for complex options including partial payments, cash payments, late fees, and more. All changes are automatically time-date stamped and logged.
  • Marketing & Websites. Easily setup a very simple website for each property if you like, or one for your management company. Mass email tenants.
  • Helpdesk / Maintenance Portal – you can automatically route issues to providers, so you’re not answering “tenant & toilet” issues at 3am. The same helpdesk we use internally is available to you – with solutions to common issues (clogged toilets, etc.). This powerful system will try to get the person to help themselves, and if they do open a ticket, it can route it accordingly.
  • Tenant Portal, for seeing account history including billing and maintenance, storing of digital assets (leases, photos of damage or repair issues). SwiftCloud’s rental property software automatically has a branded-to-you portal built in for both tenants and vendors.

For large portfolios over 250 units, as of spring 2020, there are other more mature [read: Also far more expensive] systems you may wish to investigate.

SwiftCloud’s rental property software is very strong on docs. We can convert your existing lease application to be phone formatted and phone signable, add optional application fee payments, and more.

SwiftCloud’s Rental Property Software is built on a true social network. 

This means you’ll have online file storage about each unit and tenant. Add phone video / image inspections, renter’s insurance, doc storage, late-notice history with time-date stamping, pet issue documentation and more.

For HOAs, you can include workrooms for board communication, homeowner violation or citation tracking, track online payments with auto-invoicing, update contacts with grouping by tag or folder (such as to a specific property, or plumbing stack).

For landlords with multiple properties, SwiftCloud’s flexible architecture allows you to easily group assets into folders to keep assets sorted by property, and tags help you optionally sub-group by tenant hassle or history, lease status, and more.

Want to start small with just a rental lease application setup? Just email us your lease and we’ll set up a demo.

Want to see a comprehensive demo? Register at https://swiftcrm.com/sales/Doc/90b0fe0c472fb904e9d4 to learn more.

Tenant Screening Resources:

Even more features related specifically to rental property software:

  • If-then logic on lease applications. Check a box for co-applicant, pets, previous evictions and entire sections can open up, while those who don’t check the box can speed past it, reducing errors, increasing applicants, and saving you hassle.
  • API Software Connections (Inbound + Outbound). SwiftCloud’s payment gateways include various automation options to let multiple people know, or multiple separate systems such as connecting your accounting software to lease payments.
  • Embed Photos into signed docs (Driver’s License, photos of the property upon an exit inspection, damage reports like flooding)
  • Complete detailed communication logging. SwiftCloud’s contact system allows you to contact your tenants (outbound is live, working, inbound is coming soon) (SMS and phone calls / voicemail is also part of that suite), so in the event of court litigation you have a complete log of he said / she said, with time-date stamping on everything. All communication is visible to both / all parties in the communication portal by default, but of course you can add private (hidden-to-you) notes anytime.

Our top 7 Tips for Landlords:

  1. Be firm, friendly, but all business from day one. Make it clear you do things “by the book”, so stories in lieu of rent won’t cut it. If you’re the owner, consider putting the property intro a trust, and then technically you’re not the owner, but the manager – implying you don’t make the final decisions if payment is late.
  2. Make it easy to apply, with verification systems in place. Have a great intake application form, with smart logic, phone formatted. When you’ve selected a tenant, it should be quick and easy to merge their data directly into the lease. If you’re doing background checks yourself, don’t use the phone they’ve given necessarily – 5 minutes on google to look up the property manager’s phone number could save you a common scam.
  3. Certified mail for important notices, of course. SwiftCloud has in beta receipt-tracking on emails, so we will be able to prove (in court, if needed) a message was viewed, though this should be used in addition to certified mail, not in lieu of, for legal reasons. Legal docs can be easily stored in SwiftCloud, just so you have one point of management.
  4. Uncommon advice: Let them feel a sense of ownership if they’re good tenants and take care of the place. This can look like adding property upgrades (say, wood floors, BBQ) in exchange for any maintenance lower than $100 handled themselves (toilets or disposal clogs).
  5. Have some financial options for them pre-canned to make it clear that loans and more time should come from their bank, their credit cards, friends and family – not from you.
  6. Document everything. Logging phone calls, or pop-bys into SwiftCloud can give you a “paper trail” in the event a tenant starts to become a problem. Most tenants are great, but if one loses a job or has some hardship, even the best meaning tenant with a positive history may warrant detailed history logs if they’re unable to get back on their feet.
  7. Automate late fees. SwiftCloud’s invoicing and subscription system allows for late fee calculation based on a pre-set schedule.

Why not get started today? Register for our webinar demo, or send us your tenant application to learn more.


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