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Electronic Waivers in SwiftCloud + 9 Critical Considerations

SwiftCloud is, we believe, the #1 choice for electronic waivers for most small & medium businesses.

If you are finally switching over from paper to electronic waivers, you can start now below for just $1 and be set up in minutes.

Electronic waivers in SwiftCloud are vastly superior to paper, and better than our competition for a lower cost for what you get.

Electronic Waiver Features…

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First, the #1 reason to use electronic waivers is actually hidden costs most people don’t think about, such as integration to marketing. If you’re not marketing your past clients, then someone else (one of your competitors) is! If you’re using paper, is someone actually typing that info in?

Electronic waivers in SwiftCloud can easily feed into marketing automation systems so that each visitor or customer can get follow-up surveys, coupons, discounts for slow-days, refer-a-friend forms and so much more to increase your overall business.

Update: Now available: Multi-party automation – set up “daisy chain” of signatures based on role – i.e. worker then employer, seller then buyer, child then parent…

Naturally, you can lookup contacts anytime by name, phone, email….

Electronic Waiver Contact Lookup

Getting started is easy – for most users, just copy & paste your doc, replace the ____ underlined portions with fields for the customer to fill out, set the after-signed action you want, and you’re done.


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Tip: PDFs should only be used when the format is very specific (i.e. a government W2), because these won’t format nicely on phones. For best results, copy & paste your waiver into a new SwiftCloud doc.

We also have a small library of electronic waiver templates to start with you can easily clone into your account.

Even more benefits of electronic waivers in SwiftCloud include….

  1. 100% legible! Little time wasters eat into profits and slow down the customer velocity.
  2. No re-typing! Even for complex 100+ question forms, each e-signature generates an associated CSV spreadsheet you can usually import into other software, or open and easily edit if needed much faster than wading through various pages
  3. Conditional Logic – SwiftCloud docs can contain branching logic such as adding or hiding sections based on whether a user checked a box – this makes much smarter and more interactive forms. Have a karate school for kids? Easily add conditional logic for parents to sign if the original signor is under 18.
  4. Photo & file upload – want a customer to add a photo of themselves for your membership system? Easy. Want them to upload bank statements for a mortgage application? Build it right into your application
  5. Workroom Auto-Creation. Every signature auto-generates a workroom by default to the signor (unless you change the settings) which allows you to store notes, files and more associated to that contact and optionally shared to/from that contact, so you can easily see complete file history in a single place.
  6. It’s Green… saving the environment isn’t just about the paper – it’s ink and toner cartridges (and paper printers jamming), pens, re-typing, secure storage then secure destruction… will you really miss those file cabinets?
  7. 24/7 Access. Want to look up a customer’s info from your boat on the weekend? Easy via your mobile phone.
  8. Auto-destruction. Need to destroy docs in 3 years instead of the default 7 due to company policies? Easy.. you can set docs to public, private, or hidden, change the language, and more
  9. Auto-forward to payment. SwiftCloud contains basic e-commerce functions, so you can send a user right to payment, with the amount depending on options inside the doc.
  10. Envelopes – need to bundle a few related docs together into 1 “Envelope”? This keeps docs separate and thus easy to edit, and each doc can even have its own rules (such as whom to notify).


We’ll remind you before your trial expires

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