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Merchant Cash Advance Application Template Kit

SwiftCRM is in daily use by many Merchant Cash Advance companies, though Business Funding companies typically also do SBA loans, term loans, factoring, equipment leasing, etc.

For anyone looking for a Merchant cash advance application template, SwiftCRM can help you take applications with e-Sign, full bank statement uploads, and as part of our Merchant Cash Advance Software suite, there are several Merchant cash advance application template e-Docs.

To see them in action, we recommend checkout out our recorded webinar.

Just some of the Merchant cash advance application template e-Docs included are

  • Merchant cash advance application template – Short Form aka “Quick App”
  • Merchant cash advance application template – Long Full Doc
  • Merchant cash advance “Momentum Form” (builds application momentum by asking 1 question at a time; this powerful system has generated billions in application volume, and was one of the most important e-Docs used by companies like Swift Financial (no relation to us – coincidental name) prior to their sale to Paypal for $183M
  • MCA Application Template – Phone Friendly – mainly used with bars and restaurants and auto mechanics
  • The “Let’s get to work” e-Docs upload. Goal here is get a full package, so if you have clients looking for same-day funding, you can do it – because you have any uploaded docs, including payoffs if doing a refi.

Included in the kit are also over a dozen marketing assets, the CRM is pre-configured for business funding, and more.

We also have application templates for Equipment Leasing, SBA loans, term loans, factoring.

In the contacts system you can of course store your favorite funders, you can easily create collaboration workrooms and invite the funder to it, or assemble a package to send out, store client notes, make accounting notes, store payoff dates and more.

We aim to provide everything you need for MCA brokerage.

Note at this time we are not set up for MCA fulfillment i.e. actual funding, but that’s in process, and if you’re a broker, you’ll have everything you need.

The kit also includes….

  • Lead Gen – landing pages, email sequences, SMS marketing, etc
  • Recruiting Funnel – to recruit MCA sales reps
  • Intake Merchant cash advance application template – several versions
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • RAVE Reviews & Referrals system
  • Business Credit Builder assets
  • Contacts – Database of Funders

To learn more and see some of the Merchant cash advance application template options in action, check out our Merchant Cash Advance Software package.


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