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Best Online Waiver Service

Smart waiver software is far more than just legally binding electronic signature – that’s table stakes.

The best online waiver service – ours, in our humble opinion, includes functions to save you time, increase your sales & marketing, automate reviews, and do things paper never could – like embed photos, if-then logic, and more.

Some of the powerful features of SwiftCloud’s online waiver service include:

  • If-then branching logic. Do you have allergies? If yes, get details, but if not, hide that section. Are you over 18? What’s your skill level with this activity? These can even be layered together into logic cascades if needed – keeping the document as simple as possible, but getting more info when required.
    If-then Logic for the Best Online Waiver Software
  • Photo & video upload / embed. Running a kid’s daycare, and want to get photos of the child and parents? With SwiftCloud, you can optionally get photos or even video of signer participants to use as a contact’s profile photo, or photos of non-profile data to save to their file (such as injuries, damage to property, or fun photos to use with social sharing and marketing by permission.)
  • Waiver Management – one unique feature of SwiftCloud, and yet another reason we believe it to be the best online waiver service, is that our eDocs are part of a larger CRM system, and so you can attach even offline paper docs, photos of an injury or damage to property, electronic incident reports, etc to a contact. Any number of files can be attached to a contact, and contacts can be cross-linked together, such as parent to child or spouses to each other.
  • Custom Dataflows & Workflows. Get payment and signature in one doc at the same time, or schedule an appointment plus payment plus signature all at once, or daisy-chain digital assets into any flow, or use an API to prepopulate participant data into a signable doc, then use an API & workflow to send the signer back to your server along with notification in the background that they signed. It’s all possible, and has been done before.
  • Complete Business Waivers Integration. 99.9% of people just want to come and have a good time with your business, but there are a tiny percentage of intentional scammers who seek to defraud you and get a quick insurance settlement after a threat of lawsuit. We’ve heard of people redlining paper waivers and crossing out sections (not possible with the best online waiver service like ours), signing using a fake name (wouldn’t hold up in court if there was a photo of them attached, in face you could countersue for fraud if they tried), or deliberately circumventing signature on the way in (human and physical policies are usually required to make this work, however, with sensible design these attempts can be quickly uncovered, and/or woven into the ticket purchase / entry systems). Depending on your business, you may well find SwiftCloud is a complete activity management platform, capable of handling payment, marketing, client management, and even more such as HR, internal operations, vendor management, etc. This is one of our key differentiations from competitors – we believe most clients don’t want multiple software they have to “glue” together.

Tips regarding the Best Online Waiver Service

  1. Online waivers are actually safer than paper for a few reasons, including disallowing redlining or crossing out sections, the ability to put them online and thus available in advance, reducing the legal claim the participant felt pressured, and with systems like photo embed, can be far more difficult to forge or claim they didn’t sign.
  2. The best online waiver service like ours can turn an expense into a profit center. How? By daisy-chaining in and automating systems like refer-a-friend, social sharing of photos, upsells, reducing human time dealing with paper and basic operations, by increasing impulse purchases during off hours.
  3. The Best Online Waiver Service also allows for offline signature. If you offer whitewater rafting, or music festivals out in the countryside with spotty reception, you may find you need offline signature. SwiftCloud offers not only offline waivers (which will then sync to the server when reconnected), we can setup spreadsheets of signers for paper backup, or bar code / QR code automation of signers, API connections into ticket systems, kiosk mode which suppresses autofill (so all the Johns and Janes don’t see each other’s address for example, if everyone is using a tablet or kiosk).
  4. The Best Online Waiver Service allows for minors to sign in addition to parents, if desired (example: teen’s skateboarding facility in which they agree to behavior policies). You can also get multiple signatures, including advanced non-synchronous offsite signatures using “sessions” and multi-party eSign if needed. Minors may need to re-sign when they turn 18, which can be added to calendar using a Birthdate field.
  5. You need both Macro & Micro data: You can tag participants, and see a complete participant-level history, setup memberships, and also see macro-level reporting about number of signers or usage history, or a leaderboard of who’s on calendar.
  6. Radically Customizable: Need multi-language? Complex fields? To draw on top of a person where the pain is located, or body-damage on a car? We’ve seen some crazy requests, specific use cases, and sort of get excited by these. Give us a call.

and now to you: Let’s get you set up.

Pricing varies, but is generally about $.10 in volume, roughly speaking, and we can create a package for you regardless of one-time, seasonal, or steady usage – just contact us.

Note we are hard at work on the new 3.0 platform, so as of summer 2022, we recommend calling us to get this set up. You’ll get human touch, and even some bonuses as we roll out 3.0.

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