33 Touch System

Included: Your 8 by 8 touch system for new contacts feeds right into your 33 touch campaign. Use top-of-mind agent-of-choice mini-brand awareness maintenance.

Get six times (600%!) more business from your database…

How to set up a Keller Williams style 33 Touch Campaign.

You can also get set up for 8 by 8 (for new contacts – 8 touches in 8 weeks). Feed this into your 33 touch general awareness blanket.

How much time does this take? About an hour with our kit, about 2-3 hours without. Now doesn’t that sound like a great time investment?

A friend of mine is a top-performing Keller Williams agent, and SwiftCloud was founded by a former Keller Williams agent. SwiftCloud started as Lendermate, a mortgage specific CRM.

This kit now includes remarketing/retargeting as touch-points, so these new contacts will think you’re a serious player in the industry. We’ll also do our best to segment/tag contacts into potential listings vs. renters vs. investors etc.

Just $197 one-time for the kit, unlimited contacts, available at  33 Touch Campaign – SwiftCloud Marketplace

33 Touch Campaign

Keller Williams is an excellent company with great systems across the board (including 33 touch campaign ideas, 8 by 8 touch systems), and systems like these have contributed to their phenomenal growth. Even if you’re at a competing brokerage or agency, you can still adopt some of the Keller Williams systems to grow your success.

This system also is based to some degree on proven referral generation systems. The leader of this camp is arguably Brian Buffini, who has an excellent training series covering active referral generation. With all due respect to him, we can prove our technology systems will blow past theirs by a country mile — if you don’t already have a big book of business, but you’re serious about generating more referrals, going to a weekend seminar of Buffini and Company is sure to help you create more transactions.

Most of this can be automated
and pre-scheduled.

Frankly speaking, there are two areas where referral-only systems are weak:

  1. The edge of your social network. Without strong marketing materials, that friend of a friend might get referred your way, however, there may be multiple referrals made as almost everyone knows at least one (or more) real-estate agents/brokers. The people referred to you are sure to research you a bit before making contact and a sale is not guaranteed. Marketing materials can strengthen referral validity and increase the number of referrals by making it easy to share on social media.
  2. The audience you want to break into. For example, golf course homes or luxury properties, or the Chinese investor market… whatever it is. Until you have a solid base to get referrals from, you need direct-to-client marketing, not referral marketing.

Here’s our best-practices 33 Touch Campaign (Year-Long):

  1. Quarterly (4x/year) phone calls for all A+, A, and B clients. We define this as 3 attempts because any more than that just comes off as a bit “stalker” or overly persistent — though not getting a call back after 3 attempts probably means you should downgrade that A+/A/B rating. The goal here is reminding them what you do, sharing a success story — helping Sally Jones sell her home for top dollar in just X days, or selling a house with 15 offers last week — and asking them point-blank questions such as:  “Who do you know that owns a house and might be curious as to the value of their home?” or “Who do you know that is thinking of investing in real estate?”
    1.  5 DB Calls /Day: Note: SwiftMarketing will “throttle schedule” your calls, which means giving you 5 people per day from your database to call. At 5 days per week, this is 1300 people per year based on 52 weeks! This is an excellent client referrals database that can easily earn you six figures a year if you just work the system. You can set the throttle.
  2. Handwritten Notes: ALWAYS send a follow up handwritten old-school note to anyone you actually speak with in person (not a voicemail). When is the last time you received stamped personal mail? The more high tech our society becomes, the better this works… the old cards most of us get are from grandparents or elderly parents, so in a sea of junk mail, a handwritten card really shows you’re a class act.
    1. Referrals: This also goes for every referral you get — always send a handwritten card. It doesn’t matter if you’ll turn that referral into actual business. You want to train them to refer you and reward the activity. Every time. This one thing alone contributed an extra $30,000 to $40,000 / year to my income back in ’07.
  3. Newsletters – monthly, electronic email is fine. Note this cannot be some canned fluffy junk. It needs to show some personality and include some real value, and whatever made them interested in your services in the first place such as X number of sales in city Y last month or amount of inventory, etc. Cold hard stats demonstrate that you are the expert, along with a story of success of someone you or your team helped.
  4. Birthday wishes: Personally, I send ’em 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” on YouTube because it’s fun, and I’m not a robot. If you’re more into something more traditional, go for it — whatever fits your brand and personality.
  5. Anniversary: This is the same idea -— the more people think you thought of them, the more they think of you. Can’t actually keep track of everyone else’s anniversary, much less your own? No problem, that’s what robots and CRMs are for.
  6. Face to Face Live events (2x-4x year):
    1. A Private Dinner for only your A+ clients. These are people who have referred you and it turned into money. Spend some money on these people and show them your gratitude so they do it again.
    2. A Larger Party or BBQ (veggie-Q if that’s how you roll) event at a park, house party — this is a chance to have fun. Personally, I do Mardi Gras (in Feb) and Pumpkinfest (in Oct or Nov) as these are less “crowded” holidays.
    3. Bonus: Have a few events people really want to attend such as a wine tasting party, a beer tasting, or something similar.  The price of admission is a referral to someone who may need your help. You’ll spend a few bucks, but you’ll expand your social influence and marketing database.
  7. HUD-1 End of the year: for any clients who transacted in the previous year, for their taxes.
  8. Snail-Mail (Postal Mail) for A-list: Every once in a while send a real physical item to people — it is way over the top and sets you apart and doesn’t have to be expensive. If a family has kids, send some AA batteries with a note “Gift not included”, or if postage goes up, send some 1 cent stamps out — it’s cheap and sets you apart. Obviously you want to do this for mainly your A list of contacts.
  9. Social Media Consistent Awareness: The powerup presence of mind “blanket”: 33 images just to periodically remind the world that you’re a good person worth knowing, and you’re the consummate professional at real estate.

Most of this 33 Touch Campaign + 8 by 8 Campaign system can be automated.

The only portions that require your human attention and should not be outsourced are…

  1. Quarterly database phone calls (4x / year)
  2. Handwritten notes when you get a referral — though this is easy to delegate to an assistant or do in batches. Best is have some pre-written, pre-stamped, 100% ready, so the minute you get a referral drop a name on it and it goes in the mail. With 2-3 day mail delivery, it’ll be timed just right.
  3. 1-2 parties per year
  4. The HUD-1 for actual transactions you did for the previous year.

Want us to do it for you?

Just $197 one-time for the kit, unlimited contacts, available at  https://swiftcrm.com/swiftcloud/store/b45bbbd091a53282e812