WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

NOTE: The actual signature must happen on our server in order for us to legally guarantee the signature contents. The WordPress electronic signature plugin is no longer needed and can be disabled. We will soon add reporting and hand-off functions like confirmation to the WordPress plugin. See this video before you choose a WordPress E-Sign… Continue Reading WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

What does lead generation mean?

Lead generation means creating leads, of course. To truly figure out what does lead generation mean, you  need to break down 2 concepts: (1.) Sales Lead Value and (2.) Language / Definitions. What does lead generation mean? What you want it to mean is (1.) customer intent (they want to buy what you’re selling), and… Continue Reading What does lead generation mean?

Merchant Cash Advance Software

SwiftCloud, an industry-leading paperless platform, can help you find, win, and close more MCA deals with our merchant cash advance software. If we could save you over 100 hours setup + weeks or months of delays, plus increase your MCA / Business Funding income, what would that be worth to you? Here’s a personal video… Continue Reading Merchant Cash Advance Software

Real Estate Marketing: 14 Experts Share Their #1 Tips

We work with a lot of real estate agents & brokers, and are always on the hunt for a competitive edge in every aspect of their business, including real estate marketing. Like what you read? Check out our Real Estate Marketing Playbooks (pre-designed tasks with staff to help if needed, or you can bring your… Continue Reading Real Estate Marketing: 14 Experts Share Their #1 Tips

Free to You: Free Electronic Signature, Free CRM & More

We have 4 categories of Free here: Freemium, a simple version of software for basic use. We have a free electronic signature account type to sign docs yourself, and some free credits to get docs signed. Free Trials. As we move to metered pricing, all accounts will start with some free credits. Also, we have… Continue Reading Free to You: Free Electronic Signature, Free CRM & More

Crypto Accepted / Bitcoin Accepted Here

SwiftCloud and Cryptocurrency Policies We (SwiftCloud) accept the following cryptocurrencies for any annual account or one-time payment (such as setup or agency services): Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash LTC Note due to our government-facing services, we do not accept privacy coins such as Monero. To do this, just contact support. For now, we do this manually… Continue Reading Crypto Accepted / Bitcoin Accepted Here

Electronic Signature Laws in Africa

A few years ago, organizations and individuals struggled to mail contracts across oceans and over mountains. Today, things are different. Business owners, partners and freelancers can sign contracts from the comfort and privacy of their computers, tablets or even phones.  The recognition and enactment of electronic signature laws around the world began with the European… Continue Reading Electronic Signature Laws in Africa

Online Petition Software

SwiftCloud’s leading e-Sign is all about you – your platform, your brand, your colors. If you’re looking for online petition software, you probably want to build a platform for change, and branding is paramount. Lower your cost-per-signature with SwiftCloud’s Online Petition Software. TIP: Request a Free Personalized Demo! We’ll setup your Petition to test it… Continue Reading Online Petition Software

Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

We’ll make a bold claim – then back it up: SwiftCloud is the best invoicing software for contractors. Biased? You bet. That said, we come from e-Sign and e-docs, and we’re working hands-on with clients just like you. We’ve got eSign + pay right in one doc – we can replace your paper quotes you’ve… Continue Reading Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

Electronic Release Form

SwiftCloud is we believe the world’s best electronic release form – and we can do a lot of things competing systems cannot. We’ve got a free template for you below, and a free trial (no card required) as well. But first, a few things you need to know about your electronic release form: In order… Continue Reading Electronic Release Form