Add signature to any PDF

Add signature to PDF online is easy using SwiftCloud.

Note: The above phrase should be worded as “Add signature to [any, a] pdf online”, but that seems to be what people are searching for, and we just want to help.

TIP: We have a growing library of free templates for our e-Sign users, including e-sign PDFs for common government forms.

We’re happy to announce we now have e-Signable PDFs, images, blueprints, logos, and any other visual media, so you can add e-signature to a pdf online.

This is in addition to our responsive doc system and is typically used for when the output format must match exactly to the source, such as for government forms like W2s, W4s, i-9s, etc. in the U.S. though of course this system can be used for any form.

This now means 100% of client’s docs can be e-signed, technically speaking. This means going paperless is easier than ever, and it’ll save you thousands of dollars (or more) per year.

TIP: See our top 10 reasons to go paperless

Most sales contracts, general waivers, etc that are text-heavy and not as format-dependent are better served with our other system, which will format itself to the device.

Our unique approach will allow for tremendous flexibility to mark up documents beyond signing PDFs, in addition to our previous responsive doc system that automatically formats your doc(s) to the signor’s device (phone, tablet, desktop).

If you need to make notes directly on to images (blueprints, 3d renderings, etc) please reach out to our support department.

This article – will help you get set up. In short, you simply upload the doc, drag in fields and e-signature “stickers”, add some controls like who gets a copy (email to you? Save online?) and you’re done. Any PDF can be setup in a few minutes.

Here’s a quick summary of how to setup any doc, if it’s not already in the free templates library:

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