Frustrated with HR Work? Automate Your Paperwork. 5

HR Departments typically handle everything from onboarding new hires, managing employees (and all their paperwork), tracking productivity, and managing reviews and feedback.

Cut down on the time and money spent on HR administrative tasks — automate everything from your filing to your management to your employee insight.

Research shows that 89% of HR leaders say that continuous peer feedback and check-ins have a positive impact on their business. 

But how much time is actually spent on manual collection of reviews and feedback?

Physical paperwork can be tedious to collect and a hassle to organizeFrustrated with HR Work? Automate Your Paperwork. 6

When your HR department is still operating with physical paperwork, this means that they have to take the time to pass it out, nag people to complete it, and then file it in a way that keeps it organized, which can be a major hassle. Whether the paperwork is for new hires getting onboarded, updated employee records, management and peer reviews, requests for time off, or any other document, it can take more time than necessary to procure everything and paper files can get lost or destroyed or quickly become out-dated.

Tedious paperwork that cuts down on a streamlined workflow can impact the productivity of your business.


Tackling paperwork and other HR tasks should be simple and effective. We want to make sure that your company is operating at maximum efficiency. 


If you are still using the “old way” of doing things, you’re wasting time that could be spent on other important tasks. Whether you are trying to track potential employees manually, handing out physical reviews for your team to fill out, attempting to keep up with company goals and performance, or you’re still onboarding employees with paper forms, you are losing out on time, which means you’re losing on profits.

Using SwiftCloud’s HR software can make it easy to create happy employees because you’re spending less time on paperwork and more time on people. You can easily automate digital paperwork for your new hires to e-sign, send out automatic notifications and reminders for your management team and employees to fill out their reviews (which they can do with auto-generated docs that can then be stored online rather than a filing cabinet), and allow your team to customize their self-service portals so they can keep their information updated in an employee database. 

Having a streamlined HR department can mean the difference between maximizing your employee investment or losing out on productivity, efficiency, and having the time to connect with your employees so they have a happier workplace, increasing retention and keeping up with your company’s goals and vision. 

We sell an affordable solution, tailor-made to fix the problems you might be having with your HR department. Still not convinced that HR software is the right thing for your company? Check out:

A Remedy that Works:

Managing your employees, whether they are full-time, contractors or freelancers should be easy for your HR department to handle. Keep all your employee information in one safe spot on your dashboard. Collect management and peer reviews for 360-degree feedback by using automated reminders. Track potential applicants so you can find the best talent for your company’s needs. Reward top performers by keeping track of completed milestones. Automate your workflow by creating to-do items that align with your internal processes and trigger actions when this workflow is completed.

Spend your time more wiselyFrustrated with HR Work? Automate Your Paperwork. 7

By streamlining your HR procedures with SwiftCloud software, you can free up a lot of time that can be used in other ways. Whatever you want to spend that time on — improving sales, improved training, marketing, building connections with your team — you can, without worrying about your HR tasks taking a back seat. 

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