Best crm for small business 2022

What’s the Best CRM for small business 2022?

It depends on your business, of course. If you’re in retail (and mostly sell products, not services), it’s not us.

Same for restaurants. There are better apps than us for restaurants specifically.

The best CRM for small business is one you don’t have to use, i.e. you don’t have to update it, because everything’s automatic.

Example: Automate client emails… and their record is automatically updated – even if you don’t do much except plug ’em in.

Don’t take our word for it though… talk to us!

You’ll actually get a human on the phone.

We specialize in service-driven small businesses, and believe we are the best all-in-one CRM for 2022.

If you sell services, SwiftCRM may well be the very best crm for small business in 2022.

You’ll be able to market, close, get paid, and fulfill your clients faster and more easily than ever.

We’ve got all the usual things you’d expect, layered on top of a true social network so you can better work with your clients. When you capture web leads, then correspond back and forth, then finally get docs signed and get paid, then need to manage a project – all of that is shared, social, and so you can better work with your clients, win more referrals, and more.

We are especially strong for either recurring-billing on-going work (such as marketing agencies, or cleaning maid services for example), or complex task (in which you share a lot of files back and forth – such as real estate, kitchen remodeling) due to our social sharing and portal systems.

We’ve been flying under the radar, and the #1 thing you’ll get with us is personal attention. The timing has never been better – we want to be your technology partner to help you reach your business goals.

Getting set up with the best CRM for small business 2022 is easy, and it usually starts with a real phone conversation, in which we can help you with migrating your data and getting your account configured.

Until recently, most small businesses had to “glue” several different software applications together, and hope they worked, or frequently be copying and pasting data out of one app and into another, losing time, focus, and usually dropping tasks.

All-in-one suites are we believe the only way to go, and it’s taken us a while to get here – through careful acquisition of key assets like SwiftBooks accounting, and in other cases building out our suite (such as the contacts social network).

Now it’s ready.

Start your conversation today, and find out if SwiftCRM is the Best crm for small business in 2022 for your needs.

Now to you: Call us! Start a conversation – find out if we’re a match. Schedule a demo.

Key modules include:

  • Contacts & customer management – but also includes vendors, partners, staff, etc
  • Cloud based drive and files storage
  • eDocs with eSign, including “Smart Docs”, landing pages, websites
  • Communications Suite: Pipe in email, phone calls, SMS, chat systems, and send out from templates, snippets, playbooks messages including bulk mass email or SMS
  • Invoice / Receipts + Price Book / SKUs, items you sell + agreements for subscriptions, leases; get paid online, ACH e-Checks – even a basic Point of Sale
  • Accounting, including “attributed accounting” i.e. link payments or expenses to a project / job / task
  • Pipeline of Jobs / Sales Opportunities or other projects
  • Calendar – including sync to phones (Android + iPhone) with Scheduler
  • Marketing – including marketing tracking, bulk email, tools for social media; landing pages and website management or integration to external websites like WordPress.

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management – Wikipedia‘s entry here.