The Best Moving Company CRM Software Programs & Apps + Free Mover’s Tips & Tricks

Moving company CRM software is an integral part of the success of any moving business. The right moving company CRM solution will help your moving company manage clients, moves, team members and keep track of all the details involved in running a successful moving company. In this post, we’ll explore the best moving company software… Continue Reading The Best Moving Company CRM Software Programs & Apps + Free Mover’s Tips & Tricks

Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free

A typical Release of Liability Waiver Form can be setup using SwiftCloud in minutes, with electronic signature, and can be signed either in person (using a tablet, typically) and/or on your website in advance and/or a link included with new-client intake emails or appointment booking systems. Free Setup Offer & Quick Demo START FOR $1!… Continue Reading Release of Liability Waiver Form – Free

Best Online Waiver Service

Smart waiver software is far more than just legally binding electronic signature – that’s table stakes. The best online waiver service – ours, in our humble opinion, includes functions to save you time, increase your sales & marketing, automate reviews, and do things paper never could – like embed photos, if-then logic, and more. Some… Continue Reading Best Online Waiver Service

Digital Waivers Online

SwiftCloud’s Digital Waivers Online are usually “set it and forget it”, easy to set up, legally binding, and provide powerful automation and user management. That’s a few ideas, so let’s unpack it. SwiftCloud Digital Waivers Online allow you to… Set it up once and forget it Search participants anytime by name, email, phone Save to… Continue Reading Digital Waivers Online

The Best Waiver Software [9 Critical Considerations]

The best waiver software needs to… Protect your business from lawsuits, some of which might be intentional attempts to defraud you. Should be “better than free”, i.e. generate more profit than it costs, by cycling waivers back into marketing, referrals, sales Should save you time and be easy to use, i.e. “Set it & Forget… Continue Reading The Best Waiver Software [9 Critical Considerations]

Free to You: Free Electronic Signature, Free CRM & More

We have 4 categories of Free here: Freemium, a simple version of software for basic use. We have a free electronic signature account type to sign docs yourself, and some free credits to get docs signed. Free Trials. As we move to metered pricing, all accounts will start with some free credits. Also, we have… Continue Reading Free to You: Free Electronic Signature, Free CRM & More

Merchant Cash Advance Application Template Kit

SwiftCRM is in daily use by many Merchant Cash Advance companies, though Business Funding companies typically also do SBA loans, term loans, factoring, equipment leasing, etc. For anyone looking for a Merchant cash advance application template, SwiftCRM can help you take applications with e-Sign, full bank statement uploads, and as part of our Merchant Cash… Continue Reading Merchant Cash Advance Application Template Kit

Merchant Cash Advance Software

SwiftCloud, an industry-leading paperless platform, can help you find, win, and close more MCA deals with our merchant cash advance software. If we could save you over 100 hours setup + weeks or months of delays, plus increase your MCA / Business Funding income, what would that be worth to you? NEW: Decision Engine (input… Continue Reading Merchant Cash Advance Software

CRM for Recruiters

CRM for RecruitersMar 5,2021

Recruitment is a very complicated process. Employers frequently need to find opportunities to engage with applicants during the recruiting process to increase their candidate experience and simultaneously build their employer brand. But as the race for talent becomes increasingly tedious, companies have a tough time keeping their candidates interested in them and offer appropriate, updated… Continue Reading CRM for Recruiters

WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin

NOTE: The actual signature must happen on our server in order for us to legally guarantee the signature contents. The WordPress electronic signature plugin is no longer needed and can be disabled. We will soon add reporting and hand-off functions like confirmation to the WordPress plugin. See this video before you choose a WordPress E-Sign… Continue Reading WordPress Electronic Signature Plugin