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Whether you have three employees or thirty, performance management is something that you want to utilize to make sure your operating your business at top peak performance. When you choose not to use the many technological advances available, performance management can seem like a hassle. 

Stop wasting time tracking progress manually and chasing down people who need to participate in your employee reviews — build your reviews easily and send them automatically.

According to research, almost 90% of HR leaders recommend ongoing peer feedback as well as check-ins because it can have a positive impact on productivity. 

Having to constantly hand out evaluation forms and wait for people to turn them (if they do) and then organizing them in a way that they can later call back on can make your HR department’s duties more taxing and can negatively impact the way they spend their time. 

So why don’t people like to turn in their reviews?

Honestly? It’s Easy to ForgetNot Hitting Goals? Tips to Boost Worker Performance. 6

It’s easy to forget that you have a peer performance review that you need to fill out, sign, and bring back to HR. Without constant pressure from the department head, your employees and managers simply don’t make their reviews a priority. Sometimes they start filling them out and then decide to save them for later — then later never comes. 

Poor performance management in a business can lead to a lack of productivity and can lead to deadlines being missed and tasks left unfinished. 

Giving your employees evaluations to fill out should be an easy process. We want to make your performance management as simple, flexible, and fast as possible so you can track the productivity of your employees.

Without following up with performance reviews, your employees won’t know how they’re doing and won’t know if they need to improve their workflow to meet company expectations. Top talent won’t be recognized for the excellent job they’re doing, and poor work ethics will be left unaddressed. 

Using SwiftCloud’s Performance Management software can make it easy for you to build reviews when you have the time, allows you to save drafts as you go so you can take a break and come back to finish them when it’s convenient. You can also auto-send reviews to your employees to fill out online and turn in when they’re finished. You can automatically trigger reminders and notifications to make sure that they’re being completed on time and not forgotten somewhere. Set, track, and manage employee goals and use the dashboard to review the status and success of these goals. 

It can hurt the productivity of your business when you skimp on performance management. 

Giving your employees the chance to evaluate themselves, their peers, and their subordinates can mean the difference in improving the quality and efficiency of workflows or settling for less than the best when it comes to following up with poor productivity. Without keeping track of how your employees are doing, you won’t know where you’re losing optimization of your workflow. Paper reviews can get lost, thrown in the trash, damaged, or stuck at the bottom of a pile somewhere. 

We sell a solution that has been designed to fix these problems. If you still aren’t 100% on Performance Management, take some time and look at:

Solving this problem:

Once an individual has completed a new review, feedback reports will automatically be shared with managers and themselves. These reports can be accessed at any time online. This makes it simple if you want to go back to past reviews and compare them to current ones. Manage it all from your dashboard. See where there are gaps in competency so you can set up training programs or coaching to improve your workforce. Give your employees a new perspective on how they’re doing.

Keep management and employees on the same pageNot Hitting Goals? Tips to Boost Worker Performance. 7

Reports will give you a visual guide to show the areas where your employees and management team are doing an excellent job of working together. It can also show you where you need to work on improving the workflow of employees who aren’t aligned with management goals. Find out who needs improvement and who is doing well. Interact with feedback by responding with more questions and reactions. Start conversations about the areas where people are most unhappy, misaligned, or need improvement based on how they fill out their reviews. 

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