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Speed & Automate Medical Marijuana Dispensary Paperwork with SwiftCloud

One unique feature of our e-sign system is the ability to embed photos right into the doc, for age verification, medical license verification, and more.

Don’t risk losing your licenses over issues surrounding age verification or patient compliance! Instantly snap a photo of a customer’s ID and embed it right into their patient profile, and store birthdates right in the contact record.

Key features built into SwiftCloud include…

  • e-Sign of Collective Agreements (via tablet / kiosk), or via the web (for appointments or for delivery)
  • Patient Age & License Validation – add a photo of the customer’s ID right into their signed docs
  • Easy lookup of customers by name, phone, email, or bar code (i.e. membership key chain)
  • Branded Patient Portal for secure communication, e-docs, file storage for licenses or verification, receipts, and more. with your logo and colors, with optional domain mapping i.e. https://PatientPortal.YourDomain.com
  • Communication systems – Autoresponder emails and more
  • Appointment Scheduling – coming soon
  • Point of Sale – coming soon

We can also optionally add profile photos so staff can easily verify the identity of a patient or customer when looking someone up by name, phone or email.

Naturally, SwiftCloud allows for e-signature both online and in-person via a tablet or kiosk.

By letting customers enter their information in advance, you can allow for delivery where this is allowed, and / or streamline the customer’s visit.

For dispensaries that deliver, SwiftCloud’s contact system can easily route a Google Maps navigation in just a few clicks from any smart phone, and can send both emails or SMSs through the application, so you have a complete history of each client available online 24/7 from any device, with variable levels of security and encryption.


If you just need e-paperwork – patient intake, etc. – just click Get Started above and try it out! The wizard will help you get set up, and you can be ready for use and go paperless in just minutes.

If you need a deeper integration, or want to schedule a demo, or get on an upcoming webinar, contact us at SwiftCloudSales {at} Gmail {dot com} or call us – we’re happy to help.

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