Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Ting, I’m happy to report, especially when combined with a free Google Voice number. More on my recommended setup below*

Second, Ting appears to be using (below) a pretty classic “Net Promoter Score®” model, based on Bain & Company’s The Ultimate Question 2.0.

Let’s dig in:

First, the email: here’s mine in Gmail:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Email

Misc Notes:

  1. Notice they include zero as an option, as per best practices
  2. Notice the question is worded to include the brand. The above highlighting is mine due to my gmail search and was not included in the original email.
  3. I like the simple, undirected “very unlikely” “very likely” guides.
  4. Also, the blue underlined links make it very clear they are clickable.

Next, the survey itself:

Customer Service Feedback Softare


  1. Clear and simple
  2. The bottom area – “Would it be ok if we shared your feedback with others?” and the 3 options only shows if I’m a 9 or 10. Nice, clear, simple, understandable wording.
  3. The default “more detail” tip-text shows a bit more personality and warmth.

IF you rate it 0 to 6, you’ll see…

Customer Satisfaction Software Detractor

and if you rate it 7 or 8 – a “Passive” in the Net Promoter System®, you’ll see…

Customer Service Quality Control

Finally, the thank-you page. Nothing fancy, just a thanks and note of appreciation. This could have been a chance to upsell / cross-sell, and since they knew it was a positive review, added social sharing, referral tools – like our software does. Maybe I’m biased, but a happy customer probably would have referred / shared right then and there.

While I’m a big fan of the Net Promoter System® I do think the system can be improved upon for marketing – more important than what people _say_ they’ll do is what they _actually_ do. Actual referrals and actual promotion is more important than someone who says they will promote and refer.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software


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*If you switch to Ting, I’d love it if you’d use my affiliate URL at – they’ll flip me some bucks on phone credit. I really did rate them a 10, which is saying a lot, before even deciding to write this post. They truly earn it. Also, money is not why I recommend them, I use them personally, as does my son, and my bill went from $74/mo @ At&t to ~ $23/mo @ Ting. I have not been paid to endorse them.

Related to that I’m a big fan of (Free!) google voice – my one number rings my house land-line (via $50 one-time Obihai, allows old-school phones to work over the internet), my mobile (Ting), and my computer(s). Voicemail is transcribed and all in one place, and if I travel even overseas, I can still get calls with no interruption. Last, Ting, via Sprint towers, on a nexus at least, shows only my Google Voice number (just install the free google voice app on any android and it’ll “take over”) – so people only see (and call back) the correct google voice number. I was not paid by Google voice either – just a fan and it’s a slick setup, compared to having to dial in for voicemail and/or multiple separate voicemails.

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