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System of Record

System of RecordApr 6,2020

Our goal is to be your system of record. If you are using SwiftCloud tactically, for just a specific purpose, and you have some other system of record, that’s ok too. System of Record (SOR) refers the single database of truth for your business, sometimes also referred to as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT).… Continue Reading System of Record

It’s All Relationship Marketing

I believe the marketing landscape is deeply selfish. Everyone is selling tactics to push their agenda, rather than actually trying to help people. Crazy idea, I know. To be fair, some of this is a response to human nature: we all want magic bullets. We want a quick fix easy solution, and it’s easy money for… Continue Reading It’s All Relationship Marketing

Small Business CRM Options for Automation

There’s a big problem with most of the small business CRM options out there: they rely heavily on human input. This means more work, and it’s prone to failure and errors. Nobody wants a CRM – they want more sales, easier client management, more profit…. the CRM is just the tool to make that happen.… Continue Reading Small Business CRM Options for Automation

Reverse Mortgage CRM Form

We’re started a Forms Library, and the very first form being added to it is a Reverse Mortgage Application Form This is available in SwiftCloud e-signature as a template. To apply this to your own site is very easy – you’ll need…. Login to SwiftCloud.IO and go to Files & Docs >> Docs & Forms… Continue Reading Reverse Mortgage CRM Form