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What does lead generation mean?

Lead generation means creating leads, of course. To truly figure out what does lead generation mean, you  need to break down 2 concepts: (1.) Sales Lead Value and (2.) Language / Definitions. What does lead generation mean? What you want it to mean is (1.) customer intent (they want to buy what you’re selling), and… Continue Reading What does lead generation mean?

Why use landing pages?

Warning: to not use landing pages is costing you money. Unquestionably. Why use landing pages? 2 main reasons: Speed to test headlines / offers / ideas. SwiftCloud can generate landing pages as fast as you can type the headlines. This allows you to more quickly find winning – profitable – campaigns. Focus on the outcome… Continue Reading Why use landing pages?

Jump Start Marketing with The Wedding Letter

Back in 2004 I [Roger, founder of SwiftCloud] worked in the mortgage business for a guy named Bill Hogarty of Olympia Funding. Bill had created a machine where his clients would not just self-duplicate, they would refer, on average, 1.7 deals for every 1 deal completed. This meant his business kept growing by 70% each… Continue Reading Jump Start Marketing with The Wedding Letter

21 Step Sales Letter Outline

While I’d love to take credit for the below, it’s me standing on the shoulders of giants – specifically, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Dan Kennedy, indirectly Joe Sugarman, and a few others. I ripped it off, then tweaked and noted and rehashed, like any marketer does. Use this as a template for sales letters, videos,… Continue Reading 21 Step Sales Letter Outline

Influencer Marketing Software

As a teenager in the 1990’s, I worked for a small TV station in Minnesota, which was owned by a radio station. It was a fun time with plenty of shenanigans and pranks in between jam-packed deadline crunches. At that time, the major influencers were media companies. The barrier to entry was high, media was… Continue Reading Influencer Marketing Software

Feast or Famine: A Solution

Feast or Famine: A Solution. By connecting marketing budgets (time/$) to pipeline dips, you can add consistency to income. Here are a few tricks to make it work. Continue Reading Feast or Famine: A Solution

6 Rules for Marketing Success

After seeing an ad in “Direct Response”, a magazine that I get, I decided to pass along the great tips that they had, mixed with my own commentary. 6 Rules for Marketing Success: 1. Empirical, not emotional decisions. This is one of the reasons using a CRM is an absolute must. If you don’t have… Continue Reading 6 Rules for Marketing Success

Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

This is a refined inbound marketing blueprint you can use to grow traffic. Tip: The color tags below correspond to each role. You may find it helpful to delegate based on color-tag. Here’s ours, step by step, with notes about who fulfills it. Swift Marketing’s inbound marketing dashboard is designed to enable the workflow below… Continue Reading Inbound Marketing Blueprint & Flowchart

Swift Marketing

Swift MarketingMar 25,2018

This post is wholly to solidify our position for the phrase “Swift Marketing”, and since you’re reading it, the tactic has apparently worked. I say “apparently” because, at the time of writing, I don’t know how you found Swift Marketing. It’s unlikely but possible you arrived on this exact post via other SEO efforts, random… Continue Reading Swift Marketing

SEO vs. Pay Per Click

SEO vs. Pay Per Click. Which one would you choose? Two of the most talked-about internet marketing strategies are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising. One of the questions we here at Vertical Measures get asked the most is, “Should I invest in SEO or should I invest in pay per click… Continue Reading SEO vs. Pay Per Click