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RFP Software

RFP SoftwareApr 18,2020

SwiftCloud is a powerful e-Doc system that is ideal for both sides of the RFP software value chain. Are you looking to… 1. Write an RFP for vendor procurement, or to 2. Respond to an RFP and send a proposal? Either way, we can help. For full details about our platform, we can direct you… Continue Reading RFP Software

Sales Army Case Study

Want to build a sales army for your business? You’ll need to engineer before you start 2 critical elements: Motivation, which really means the pay structure. How much will they make and exactly how / when? How are you going to track whom to pay exactly? Ability. How are you going to track this? A… Continue Reading Sales Army Case Study

Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev?

Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev? They’re not the same. This is something I know rationally, but when I stumbled on an article, it was really a “duh” moment. I’d fallen into the same trap I advise our clients against: Wanting to grow sales, but grouping all 3 of sales, marketing, and biz dev together. When… Continue Reading Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev?

Sales Management Software

Sales management software can help you to automate your sales force and actually increase your conversion ratios from leads to sales, which increases your profitability. Increase Sales Conversions When you use sales management software effectively, you have information at your fingertips that can tell you at a glance which inquiries are ready to be converted… Continue Reading Sales Management Software

Short Video Outline Questions

We’ve created dozens of short attraction videos, and literally hundreds of video projects over the years. Sales Video Best Practices Workflow… Copy the questions below into a new doc or google doc and just answer the questions initially right into the doc Rewrite that into a basic script Find some patient friends who barely know… Continue Reading Short Video Outline Questions

Video Script Outline

Sales Videos are possibly the #1 most important sales asset for many companies. If you run a restaurant or sell cars, not so much – someone needs to taste or test drive what you sell. For a lot of services though, the benefits are a lot more ethereal and complex – such as real estate,… Continue Reading Video Script Outline