We are in the software business, not design. If you’ve got skills, we’d like to partner with you!

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As a designer, is any of this a bit too familiar?

  • Clients who send you notes, one at a time, for months, expecting it’s all part of the initial bid?
  • Hassling with a previous designer’s code that mixed Pre-Clinton-Administration IE6 HTML with php form handling scripts?
  • Unstable work flow, where you’re slammed busy one week, then bored and broke a few weeks later?
  • Requests to work for free since “it will only take a few minutes”, despite the fact you have years of experience, mad skills, and know 101 photoshop keyboard shortcuts by heart?

Have you ever wished you…

  • Had a sales team who brought you deals?
  • Could focus on design, and not code?
  • Had easy billing and client management tools, free, that handle things like late invoices?
  • Could build a passive residual income to you could do crazy things like “take a vacation” and actually have a life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we can work together.

And when we say “Work Together” we actually mean “you keep your clients and we help you succeed”.

Here’s what we’ll provide as part of our Designer Program:

  • Gendesic’s hosted CMS (which you’ll earn money on, while looking great to the client, and it can even be branded to you). This means once you build out the initial design framework, you’re done – no more rounds of notes with clients for tiny changes, they can just login and change it themselves. Calls about “server problems” or “email issues” are a thing of the past – we’ll handle ’em!
  • SwiftCRM’s amazing tools to help you grow your own practice, manage your clients, bill your clients automatically, hassle them if their payments are late, enlist and manage other people who sell your design services, generate design proposals, and track all your accounting.
  • Movoxo’s video player system that allows more control than YouTube, easy widget embedding, lead-capture, pre-made media, and more. You’ll get paid to sell our content, or earn money on your own content.
  • Shopping carts with no programming required.
  • Better service to your client, with less work by you, and a chance to earn more money than you currently do just by introducing us to services you probably don’t yet sell.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Clean CSS-friendly design work
  • Occasional referrals (which we pay you handsomely for)

That’s it!

Interested? The process to start working together is:

  1. Signup for the affiliate partner program. This is how we track your commissions.
  2. Setup a website – free, of course, just to play with the CMS and get a sense for what it can do. Use this as a new demo site, create a landing page for yourself, build out that idea that you just couldn’t seem to make time for.
  3. Setup your Designer Profile page, so our team can refer you, and your “Referral Order Profile” so sales professionals can refer you.
  4. Produce your next project using Gendesic CMS instead of the old way.
  5. Collect checks, notice how you got more done in less time, and can now afford the time and money to take up that hobby, spend with your kids, or finish that underwater basketweaving project.

We look forward to working with you!