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 If you run a business, then you need forms. Whether for market researching, planning events, recruiting, making sales, and so much more, creating these documents can take a lot of your time. 

Spend less time working on forms for your business — use simple drag-and-drop editing for beautiful forms that take minutes with no HTML experience required.

Having to make each individual form you need from your business can take a lot of time, and if you decide to use premade ones that other companies sell, it can eat into your profits — especially if you need a lot of them!

Buying premade forms can cost a lot and creating them without software can take a lot of timeNot a Coder? Easily Drag & Drop Web Forms. 6

If you aren’t a designer, then taking the time to create beautiful looking forms for your company manually can be quite the challenge. And if you decide to buy some to use, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars. Companies can charge a lot for forms and then you still have to do work to make sure that they fit your business’s vision and aesthetics. 

Spending time to manually create forms or simply buy them can end up costing more than you think — both in wasted hours and for your bottom line.

Generating gorgeous forms that are designed to represent your business should be easy to do. We want to make it even simpler for you to create forms for all of your business needs. 

If you are still making your forms the “old way” then you are spending too much time or money on something that can easily be completed within minutes, without having to use HTML at all. Whether you want to design contact forms, membership forms, customer satisfaction surveys, landing pages, popup offers, sales lead captures, sales forms, consent forms, or anything else, you’re probably spending a lot of time or cash to make these.

Using SwiftCloud’s form generator software can make it easy to convert any document into a fillable form with a single-step or multi-step form fill. You can add legally-binding e-signature integration. You can use if-then logic, zip code auto-convert to city/state, browser language settings, marketing tracking fields pass through, and more. You can create multi-step workflowers for online payments, flow into a setupform, auto-generate an e-signable sales contract, and follow up with a thank you page. Whatever workflow you need!

Using a form generator like SwiftCloud can mean the difference between generic forms that take time and money and personalized, powerful forms that can be filled out online, e-signed, stored and shared. 

We sell a real-world solution to the problem of form creation. Need to know more? Check out:

A Powerful Problem-Solver:

Managing your forms and creating them for your business, no matter what needs you have, should be easy to do. Schedule events and optionally pay for them, send out auto reminders on a pre-set campaign and auto-follow up. Collect RSVPs. Utilize dozens of our templates, form types, popus, free offers, newsletters, surveys, job applications, and more.

Go PaperlessNot a Coder? Easily Drag & Drop Web Forms. 7

Convert your documents to fillable forms, and auto-export to PDFs and/or databases, emails, APIs, and more. Get e-signature integration. Send out review forms so you can collect more positive feedback for marketing purposes. Auto-publish online with no website needed. Make it secret, public, or locked and invite-only. Publish to WordPress or other websites with just a few clicks. Enjoy responsive design formatting for phones, tablets, desktops, and even Wall TVs. Auto backup, and cloud-based 24/7 access, and always the newest version.

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Switching from buying templates or trying to design forms with HTML to drag-and-drop editing is easy.

In most cases, getting started doesn’t take much time at all. Custom setup and programming are available. Our support team can help you get started, answer your questions, or provide advice. All of our packages have a risk-free guarantee. Beautiful document generation is possible and you’ve got time and money to save. 

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