Electronic Signature Video Training

Electronic Signature & Payment is easy.

NEW: “Sign & Pay”. You can get payment right in the doc.

This is perfect for service professionals, rental forms, you name it – get legally binding e-Sign + payment all in one using Stripe, with additional payment options (including ACH e-Check) coming soon.

OLD:In short you have two options:

  1. Get Money then e-Signature
  2. or Get e-Signature then Money

Either are fine, and which is right for you depends on the nature of your sale. If you have a smaller amount (and thus more frequent), we recommend collecting money first, then getting signature.

If you have a higher dollar amount, the value of the contract is increased but the contract is usually not in force until consideration (aka payment) is made and thus for more complex contracts you probably want the contract signed first.

Either is fine, and there’s no real wrong answer – in the end the result is the same – you need both.

To setup e-signature then payment via paypal, create your form as usual (at http://swiftcloud.io/form/create-form ) and on the right side you’ll see some options under “User Flow” like this:

esignature with payment

There you can choose an e-commerce product or service to auto-redirect the user after signature for payment. In this example, the user will flow from (1.) Your website, to >>  (2.) the signature page, then >> (3.) payment page, then (4.) back to your site for typically a receipt and thanks message confirming what just happened.

Need the inverse – payment first? Or want to integrate to your own shopping cart system? No problem – the process is essentially the same, but you’ll embed the contract or agreement on your receipt page the user sees after payment.

Note we have started an API, which could auto-generate a contract based on user’s info. In short, your system will send name, price, email, other variables to our server to generate a signable document, hands free, and this can happen instantly within the flow of a sale.

For additional help on specific cases, please talk to our support team.