Electronic Release Form Example

SwiftCloud is we believe the world’s best electronic release form – and we can do a lot of things competing systems cannot.

We’ve got a free template for you below, and a free trial (no card required) as well.

But first, a few things you need to know about your electronic release form:

  1. eSign on PhoneIn order for your electronic release form to be legally binding and court-defensible, you want to be sure there’s a neutral “legally disinterested” party in the middle. If you install a simple plugin on a wordpress website for example, one could claim they did not sign it, by proving you could have used CSS or Javascript to obfuscate or change the intent of what you signed, and thus have it thrown out of court. e-Signed docs must be immutable (cannot be changed in any circumstances), and meet various verification standards (i.e. commonly, the claimed-identity must be provable, i.e. via “constructive evidence” you want to be eSign on Kiosksure the name / email / phone on your electronic release form matches what you have on file for that person (the “Constructive Evidence”), OR you want to add authentication options (which we have a variety of – including requiring them to prove their email, upload government documentation such as a license or passport), etc. All this is a lot to throw at you, but the most important summary is this: If you cannot enforce the contract, it’s worthless. Be sure to choose wisely. 99.99% of the time you won’t need enforcement, but that .01% could really ruin your day potentially.
  2. eSign on TabletWhat you see is the tip of the iceberg, and frankly, is “smoke and mirrors” to make humans feel better. Under the hood, there’s a digital signature and audit trail – this is what makes electronic signature legally binding, and also even more secure than ink and paper. Paper docs let anyone with the moral disposition and a pen forge a doc, and we’ve heard of cases of people crossing out a section then initialing it, just because they don’t agree with it. e-Sign is more robust, more flexible, and it will cost you money to NOT use it, because of input, data flows, risk, and more. Electronic signature is legal in nearly every country and state in the world – see Wikipedia for more info about your location if needed.
  3. eSign on SIgnPadeDocs are better than paper, because they can do things paper never could do. SwiftCloud is a younger company compared to legacy “version 1.0” older companies who tried to replicate paper. We started with digital first, so docs can contain if-then branching logic, upload of photos, files, and video right into a doc, sign & pay (payment options inside the doc), and more.
  4. Sign on any device. Currently, 53% of all web traffic is on a phone, and it continues to grow. SwiftCloud has 2 modes of e-Sign, “Smart Docs” and PDFs. The smart docs automatically format to phones, tablets, TVs, kiosks, and support sign-pads (i.e. like a dentist’s office, the small signature-pads). Furthermore, docs can be signed offline then synced to the server (i.e. field activity like a whitewater rafting electronic release form with no cell service, or a trade show booth with spotty reception).
  5. Integrate into your workflow. Your electronic release form is just the beginning of a relationship, and once you have a signature, it should trigger marketing, integrate to schedulers or payment systems, automate follow-up systems like reviews and referrals generation and more. On the data side, our default is that both people get a PDF copy, but you’ll have total control over that plus the branding, data flows. If you’re tech-ified, hook up API integrations to seamlessly connect inbound data and outbound confirmations.

Free Electronic Release Form template:

You probably already have the text you need, so if you sign up (above), you can simply copy your doc and paste it into the text-editor, then copy and paste this below it, and you might be done in minutes:



[swift_name_both name="swift_name_both" role="Buyer" ]
[swift_email role="Buyer"]
[swiftsignature role="Buyer" size="medium"]
[swift_date who="yours" localdate="MMDDYYYY" format="long" readonly role="Buyer"]


SwiftCloud will convert this line…

[swiftsignature role="Buyer" size="medium"]

into the actual signature-pad, in this case, for a Buyer. Roles are important for multi-party eSign, i.e. parent + child, buyer + seller, etc.

Here’s an example in SwiftCloud


TIP: There’s a Templates Library in the system – top right near the trashcan on the main drive-page.

The next step: Try it! We do this all day, every day, and are small enough to give you personal attention and help, but big enough to be growing rapidly and stable. We’d love to help you get your electronic release form not just set up, but truly integrated into your business.

Get started today, and you can be set up in minutes.

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