Electronic Signature for Sales Acceleration 1

Electronic signature can help you close more, faster.

Years ago I was in the mortgage and real estate business.

While certain competitors existed at that time, they did not at that time offer web-based templates, and were difficult to use. They required software to be installed, and more technical skill than should have been required.

This meant every single time I needed a document signed, in order to get the sale moving, it meant either

  1. Sending them PDFs, which they would typically print on paper, sign, and then send back, or fax back. Remember fax?
  2. Or to use electronic signature, I’d have to drag in little “sign here” stickers every single time. Repeatedly. So I wouldn’t use it – it was simply less hassle to email the PDFs.
  3. Or meet someone in person.

Times have changed – and now, with SwiftCloud’s electronic signature wordpress plugin, you can just setup any doc you frequently need as a web based template – a form, that anyone can sign online.

If you need to pre-fill it with some info – for example, a loan amount, an interest rate, etc. – you can! This means you can, right while on the phone, get a signed contract.

No waiting. No buyer’s remorse. Need the wife’s signature, business partner, husband, etc.? The first party can sign right while on the phone, and then you can forward it along to the next party.

TIP: Want to know if your email was opened? SalesHandy has a free email tracking for gmail that can help, if you prefer Gmail instead of SwiftCloud’s in-CRM messaging.

In every commodity sales business, including real estate, insurance, etc. there’s a small percentage of deals that both land in your lap un-earned – you just get lucky, and a small percentage that fall out. People agree, then just hours later speak to a spouse, see some marketing, have second thoughts… and they’re gone.

Maybe it’s only 5% or 10%, but cutting both ways, that’s 10%-20% of your sales commissions in play that electronic signature could in many cases, help you save. If you save even half of those, that’s an instant 5% to 10% raise, while lowering your work, saving you time and hassle, increasing your marketing automation, and a dozen other benefits you get by switching to electronic signature.

How much money is a 5-10% raise for you? For each sales person? Multiplied by 5 years?

Subtract any minor costs for e-signature and you should have a handsome ROI, financially.

If you need a signature to get clients started – say, in the case of real estate buyer’s agreements – having an instantly-available easy, seamless online agreement could be the difference between picking up a client and potentially saving a commission one day, vs it becoming a sticking point, or introducing a feeling of nervousness especially if one spouse isn’t as sold.

If you need electronic signature for general permission waivers – for example, a waiver of liability, imagine saving not just the paper, but the data handling – being able to search, instantly, your database of people who signed. A kid’s karate school can integrate the e-signature with all new-customer-intake along with SwiftCloud’s auto-payment systems for a complete working, seamless, zero-human-time-required implementation. We can even connect a bar-code scanner like a gym to look up someone’s account.

Electronic signature will almost certainly save you money right out of the gate – especially since it’s free to start.

Next, the time: If you could save 15 minutes per file, and it takes you 1 hour 1 time to setup, you’re at break-even after 4 files. Everything thereafter is “in the black”. The time itself is quickly profitable as well.