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SwiftCloud is affordable software that’s not just easy-to-use but can also help your escape room business grow. 

What makes SwiftCloud the best choice for escape room software?

Amp up your business by turning satisfied customers into marketing tools!

Online reviews are worth their weight in gold for small businesses. Research shows that a majority of people will first lookup reviews about a company before they decide to purchase their services. In a competitive market, having a good-sized collection of positive reviews about your Escape Room business can mean the difference between gaining more clients and losing out on potential sales. 

Our customer review software is a great way to design a portal that has your branding and your URL to attach to emails, your website, and more. Create a custom review template that shows off your company’s logo and colors and have it auto-send to your customers via text, email, social media, or through your website as soon as they’ve finished escaping your puzzle. 

A great feature of our software is that you can have your positive reviews auto-publish immediately. Your customers can use one-click sharing to make sure that it’s sent to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms that you pick out in advance. The good news? If the review is not so great, it won’t publish! Instead, it will open a trouble ticket that allows your management team to find out where the dissatisfaction comes from. 

It’s easy to generate customer satisfaction surveys that aren’t just beautiful but come in a variety of styles. Perhaps you want a 1 through 10 ratings or maybe you want 1 to 5 stars. These reviews can show up in search engines, so when potential customers are looking for an escape room, they can see all the positive feedback you’ve garnered!

Get your workflow completely automated so you can focus on what matters

If you have forms that need to be generated, our software can help you automate your workflow by collecting signatures and payments. For example, if your customer schedules an event in advance, you can immediately collect a payment, move onto a setup form, auto-generate an e-signable contract, and follow up with a page to thank them. 

Our workflow automation can help in other ways too. If you are trying to grow your business, you can easily create bait and tripwire offers for your site’s landing pages, landing page toppers, timed popovers, scroll-intent pops, exit pops, CTA offers, and more. Use our free WordPress marketing plugin or use these forms on your site in minutes!Escape Room Software 6

It’s unnecessary to know HTML to design your forms. Just use our drag-and-drop interface to create gorgeous looking forms that will delight your customers. Templates and popups, free offers, surveys, newsletters… whatever your escape room might need.

Make sure your e-Waivers are doing more than protecting your business

e-Waivers are a great way to protect your escape room from potential liability. Make sure your clients have filled it out in advance by utilizing easy-to-understand language that details everything they’re agreeing to. 

Ask custom questions and use if-then branching logic to make each e-waiver as unique as the customer you’re about to work with. For example, if your customer checks that they have a disorder that could be affected by the escape room activity, your e-waiver can them prompt them to answer more detailed questions or provide explanations. If they don’t check this option, they simply move onto the next step of the e-waiver, saving time and unnecessary data entry.

You can also utilize e-waivers to give your marketing flow a new look. You can instantly look people up to see their names and details. Then add signers to email lists and retarget ads You can trigger follow-up surveys, export to marketing lists, and even email from within the app!

Get e-Signatures right away when a customer signs up to participate in your escape room challenges

One of the great parts about our e-sign system is that you can choose to embed photos right into the document. This can help you verify ages and keep track of who is who, as you can request that your customers submit their ID. 

With e-signable forms and contracts, it’s easy to keep track of who’s in charge of the party. If your customer signs that they are under 18, you can prompt them to get a signature from a parent for permission to participate. If they’re over 18, then they can sign themselves.

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All e-signed forms are emailed to each party as a PDF. Additionally, when a customer signs a doc, it creates a Social Shared Workroom. This cloud-based folder acts as a collaborative workroom between you and your signer(s). This allows you to add private notes, comments, store additional files, upload and download docs, e-sign bundles of related docus, and more.

You can also choose to reuse templates, so you aren’t forced to make a new one for each customer. Just save your templates and reuse them. Your time is precious, after all. Your clients can sign their docs on their phones, tablets, computers, or at a kiosk. Collect everything in advance so when your party shows up for some escape room fun, you can get them started!

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We make it easy to switch from paper to automation! Whether you want to start utilizing customer reviews, get your contracts e-signed, or take advantage of our marketing integrations, we can make sure you get what you need.

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