eSign Africa

We have 4 categories of Free here:

  • Freemium, a simple version of software for basic use. We have a free electronic signature account type to sign docs yourself, and some free credits to get docs signed.
  • Free Trials. As we move to metered pricing, all accounts will start with some free credits. Also, we have a Give $20 Get $20 plan, so you can get some free credit helping share the love.
  • Free-to-You. We recoup some money via other services – see below.
  • Free Assets – we have over 1,000 Free Business Templates such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). These are in the Templates Library once logged in.

We are experimenting with some accounts for Free Electronic Signature, Free CRM, Free Helpdesk and other free software.

How does it work?


There’s always free cheese at the mousetraps.

Beware of on-going free plans. They may be selling your data, soliciting your clients, or limiting your profits and growth far above the cost of service. We all have bills to pay.

Some companies offer fully free accounts. See our writeup on Best Sites to Start a Petition on Quora for some details. One other large company gives away a free basic CRM, but as soon as you really get rolling and making some money, it gets expensive fast. Hey, they’re public, so they need to keep those shareholders happy.

We’re not trying to be big – we’re focused now on being awesome for our users. We specialize in service businesses. Others can use us, but we aim to be the absolute best for businesses that sell services.

Free-to-You is more accurate.

Some industries qualify for free-to-you pricing, because we can make some money via ancillary services.

Free-to-You Program Examples:

  • Our complete Real Estate Rental Software Suite can be free to you, provided you’ve run some tenant applications through us ($29/ea, paid to us for the background check, etc.; note state laws may apply regarding this). Doing so allows us to capture some revenue from that, so we’ll credit your account to correspond.
  • For companies that offer higher-ticket items (say, Solar Panels), if some clients obtain financing through our partners, you’ll get our full software free-to-you.
  • Companies working with our agency services partners and are buying leads may qualify for free accounts.

We’re open to plans that make sense, and still small enough to talk on the phone and figure something out that’s win-win.

Whether this applies to your industry is up to you! We don’t know, but we’re open to options that make sense.

This program is experimental at this time, but if we decide it’s not working, we’ll give you plenty of time to transition and/or offer a “grandfathered pricing” package.

If you think you qualify, or have a proposal for us on some other industry, just drop us a line – we’re in that sweet spot between small and big, so you’ll get a real human on the phone.

For a Free Trial on our various software or packages, dig into our pricing page.