Freelance Time Tracking and Invoicing 1

SwiftClock with Swift Invoice is a complete
Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing system.

We have more powerful paid versions if you’re ready to save some time, grow an agency, automate reminders and collections and automate some of your business – but you can definitely handle your essential Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing needs with the free level package.

Time tracking is easy – you can use the “quick-add” tool to add 5 hours or 5 minutes to a given client, or use the login to track exact time. Make a quick note of what you did or are doing if you like, which helps the client associate cost to results and for you to justify your rates.

Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing

In the real world, we know stuff comes up. Maybe another client interrupts your work but you need the return call, or perhaps you forget to log out… no worries, you can manually edit any record if needed.

Tip: If you are not exactly-recording your time, you are probably losing about 32% of your income! Creatives and engineers both tend to optimistically estimate time – but the real world is messy. Things take longer than they should – and by recording exact time, you’ll have a better handle on where your time is going and whether you should be billing for it.

Tip 2: Never sell creative services on flat-rate, or the client has a financial incentive to get as many notes as possible done – frustrating you and driving down your rate-per-hour. Auto mechanics and lawyers have known this for years – charge for time, and give the client a time estimate. Some clients will give you few or no notes, others will give you 27 rounds of notes. If you’re not charging for those 27 rounds of notes, you’ll end up hating them, making less than you should, and potentially losing a good client who just has a very specific vision. Swift Clock and Swift Invoice as your Freelance Time Tracking & Invoice system will protect you and increase your bottom line income.

Once you have some time logged, it’s time to generate an invoice:

  1. Use the dropdown to select a single client you will be billing
  2. Use the time-range filter if needed to restrict to a billing-period, for example, the 1st through 15th, or last week Sunday to Sunday- whatever works for you.

Freelancer Time Tracking

next, at the far bottom, click Convert to Invoice…

Freelancer Invoice Time Tracking

Your time-range will get converted to a single timesheet, and associated invoice.

Once you click Send, your invoice will get sent to the client – it’s that simple!

SwiftCloud’s Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing system can handle multiple workers even in multiple currency (pay in Indian rupees, bill in U.S. Dollars for example), will track invoices (even views by the client, time-til-paid, and more) and can help you grow your practice and/or agency.

Click signup above to try it for free, or jump in for the pro version.