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This article will continue to get updated periodically as additional privacy controls are added.

SwiftCloud is in the process of meeting EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks, in addition to stricter initiatives such as U.S. HIPAA (Medical records) compliance.

We at SwiftCloud have a balancing act, and so we have added various functions as per GDPR (Eurozone law – General Data Protection Regulation).

While we are not legally based in the EU, nor do we have any presence there legally speaking (yet), we are doing our best to adhere and comply with these laws. We do anticipate having EU servers in the near future.

Key components of this system include:

  • Right of Access. We have always given users control over their profile, and certain aspects of SwiftCloud are like an involuntary social network – a business focused social network that allows anyone to create you as a user. What is public, however, is up to you. It is important then for users to understand that for us, maintaining an account, with suppression controls, is actually stronger than not existing in the system at all; if a user does not exist and is totally erased, as soon as any other user does something with that person, such as sending an invoice, completing an electronic signature doc, etc – it will re-create that other party. We have built the system this way for convenience of the user – if you e-sign, pay some invoices, and complete some tasks as client / worker / etc. then everything you’ve done will be automatically grouped into your account.
  • Right to Erasure. We do offer the right of erasure, however, it is actually inferior from a privacy perspective. We will follow up with a video on how this complies with the EU law, by effectively erasing – and suppressing – any information about you / them / any user who wishes to “be forgotten”. All electronic signature docs are being coded with a destruction date.

We will continue to monitor best practices, and invite anyone concerned with this or with requests over their data to contact us.

To suppress information about you, aka “Be Forgotten”

GPDR - SwiftCloud

  1. Login to SwiftCloud, and assuming you do not know your password just click “login troubles” (common, since often accounts are auto-created if you e-signed a doc, paid an invoice, etc.).
    1. If you do not have access to that email any longer, contact our team. Note you cannot suppress the accounts of others; verification will be required from someone authorized to do so i.e. in the case you were at a company you no longer work at.
  2. On the main Profile page (Click the Edit Profile (Yellow arrow)), click Privacy & Communication (blue arrow), then Close or Privatize (red arrow), then for the strictest settings, click the purple arrow, which will suppress any public info about you, while keeping your account open (but secret). Note if you close your account, anyone could re-add info about you, but we’ll honor your request either way.

TIP: Suppressed accounts will block everything we know about you from becoming public, but you will still be able to sign docs if someone asks, or use your account if needed i.e. access signed docs, etc.

It will also prevent newly added info tied to your email from becoming public.

This is the strictest and most private setting there is, and is stronger and more private than fully closing your account.

Updated Policies

For account holders – you

  1. All accounts will be required to complete their physical mailing address for legal notices prior to electronic signature or other forms working. This is required for U.S. CAN-SPAM compliance (which includes emails sent to e-signors of forms).

For Signors & website form-visitors, chatters, invoice payors, etc – i.e. your clients & website visitors

  1. If you are exporting data to marketing, a checkbox will be required from your signors allowing you to add them to lists, if the IP address seems to indicate this visitor is in the E.U.