Bad Reviews Hurting Sales? Fix Your Reputation. 5

Still trying to get product or service reviews to boost your sales? Still having unhappy customers give you negative reviews that are damaging your reputation?

Stop letting negative reviews impact your bottom line — turn your happy customers into marketing assets. 

According to research, 89% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. And these consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. 

Why are negative reviews so much more prominent?

Unhappy customers are more likely to give feedback.Bad Reviews Hurting Sales? Fix Your Reputation. 6

Customers are more likely to spend time analyzing and focusing on negative experiences. Think about this for a minute: are you more upset when you lose $100 of hard-earned cash or are you more excited when you save $100? For most people, the loss is perceived as more note-worthy. They want to pick apart all the ways they could have avoided losing that money — perhaps so they don’t make the same mistakes in the future.

So if your product or service didn’t meet someone’s expectations, they will often take to the Internet to complain because the poor experience is stuck in their mind. They’re dwelling on how it could have been better.

Poor reviews can scare potential customers away and make a dent in your profits.

Turning your happy customers into raving fans should be as simple as you can possibly make it. We want to make sure that your consumers can advocate for you in an easy and efficient manner.

If you’re still waiting around for customers to choose to leave reviews on their own, then you’re missing out on the tons of positive reviews you could be getting. These lost reviews can cost you potential buyers and that means you’re losing out on sales.

SwiftCloud Customer Reviews Software can automatically gather reviews and then publish them for marketing, request referrals, and social media shares.

Losing out on sales means losing out on referrals that generate more sales.

Having positive reviews about your business can mean the difference between making a sale and losing out on one. It’s unfortunate to lose potential business because your reviews are more negative than positive, but it’s even more damaging than the immediate loss of revenue — you’re also losing out on a person that could have been a huge fan and referred more customers. So let’s add that up. Lost reviews, lost repeat business, and lost referrals.

We sell what we believe to be the absolute best fix for this problem, designed specifically to target your needs. If you’re still on the fence about Review Software, check out our page for more reasons you should be considering it:

An Excellent Solution:

Generating glowing testimonials should take your consumers a minute or two in most cases. After creating your sales portal, you can add it to emails, your website, and more to automate intake. Happy customers’ reviews will auto-publish for marketing, but negative reviews will not — instead, they will open up a trouble ticket so your management team can investigate a customer’s complaint.

Your consumers can use one-click review syndication on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms depending on your settings, which include industry-specific or custom platforms. Your customer’s success then turns into marketing assets, all in an SEO optimized and backlinked fashion.

Customize, Maximize, and AnalyzeBad Reviews Hurting Sales? Fix Your Reputation. 7

Easily create beautiful customer satisfaction surveys in different styles, including 1 to 5 stars or 0 to 10 ratings. Customize the look and feel of your web surveys and ask different follow-up questions depending on the scores.

Maximize your traffic by having rating stars show up in web searches related to your business and win over potential customers when they see your other consumer’s positive feedback. Let your customers leave both micro-reviews which are specific to their experience and macro-reviews which talk about your entire business.

Find out where your reviews are coming from, collection rates, and any changes with our easy-to-use dashboard analytics. Historical graphs are available to show you how your campaigns and actions make a difference.

Whatever industry you operate in, we can help you give your customers an easy and quick way to leave positive reviews so you can increase your profits and grow your business.

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