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The Problem: Digital Plumbing

Most businesses have multiple software systems that either…

  1. Don’t talk to each other – so humans have to mix data
  2. Or the software you have is not configured correctly, and these days, no big companies have humans you can get on the phone. They all want self-service, leaving you to just figure it out.
  3. Or humans don’t use it correctly, because it’s clunky & difficult instead of automated & easy.

As we head toward a recession or growing inflation, automation and operation margins are more important than ever.

We can help. 

We provide a hybrid of software & services.

We have actual humans that will speak to you or your team on the phone.

Our goal is automation, as much as possible.

Have you ever wished you had a team of nerdy computer wizards that could set things up, configure it, connect A to B to C – just make it all happen?

Now you can.

We call this "Project Gluebridge"

In many cases, what’s needed is called “API Translation”: Software A outputs X, but Software B expects input Y.

So we add small code to translate X to Y.

In other cases, we “get crafty”, and need to scrape (import thousands of pages of data from a remote website), spider (enrich with other cross-referenced data), leverage AI (to de-duplicate or clean up data), leverage low-code or no-code systems, build browser extensions or use other code to connect the dots.

In all cases we focus on a high “juice to squeeze” ratio.

If there’s an off-the-shelf system to do what you need, we’ll tell you about it as part of our consulting & research. We’ll keep this as fast & cheap as possible to reach your goals.

API Bridge

Common Methods


Application Programming Interfaces connect software programs

No Code

In some cases, we can leverage AI code generators with APIs

Low Code

High "Juice vs Squeeze" ratio results by leveraging AI & existing systems

Scrape & Spider

Scrape, compile, enrich & clean data from around the web

"Glue Bridge"

Our in-house connector & translator code + AI can help speed results.

Juice vs Squeeze

Human labor is more than just a cost-per-hour.

Busy work demands focus. Humans have sick days, days off. Busy work detracts from essential work. It takes focus off client results.

Automation allows you to grow, to get more results from fewer humans to make your company a lean profit generating machine.

Your clients just want results.

We’ll engineer efficiency.

Our Process

GlueBridge: APIs Connector, No-Code & Low-Code Systems from SwiftCloud 7

Frequent Asked Questions

India, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Algeria, USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan – currently.

Our main office is in Ahmedabad, India, but have a hybrid of in-office and remote work.

For certain government projects, we can staff as needed (example: USA only for FedRamp / Government work).

Staff with background clearances (DEA, Military) are available when needed. BAA’s for HIPAA (medical) are available.

We need to know what you want to connect, but this program is generally intended to leverage as much off-the-shelf code & systems as possible.

A typical project might be a few thousand dollars US, which includes actual implementation.

All projects are estimated out as a “bucket of hours”, so in event of “feature creep” (change to scope of work), you can decide the balance between cost vs priority.

We don’t know until we talk to you, find out your goals, then research it to see the end points.

In all cases we aim for high yield vs cost.

We’ll try to make this as fast and inexpensive as possible, but without compromising results.

We will discuss trade-offs when there are multiple paths. 

We have substantial code in-house, and the staff who understands it, so almost never are we starting from scratch.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning get thrown around a lot as buzzwords.

We’ll only use it when it makes sense.

AI is excellent at pattern recognition, so when there are differential outcomes based on data, we might, if it’s not a hard-fast simple If-X rule.

This adds complexity, but also adds value.

This is most compelling when there’s a success feedback loop to learn from. In those cases, the AI will learn over time. 

We have do research your software – please note it in the form below. We’ll research some basics before we talk in person so we’re efficient with our conversation.

In most cases, yes, but what’s common is a need for “middleware” API translation code.

Often, yes.

There’s a famous case involving LinkedIn Scraping for some reading about who owns the data.

We may be able to find other data sources, and new exciting changes are happening with AI every day, opening up new possibilities.

We’ll discuss, but typically we break things into milestones so both parties feel secure.

We try to move fast on this program, and in some cases, can have you up and working in under a week.

We’ll generally stand behind our work, and there’s no contract. If we discover some system is preventing us from proceeding, we’ll tell you asap (rare, but this happens, usually because some software company is blocking you for profit reasons (example: Extract data from program A so we can move to program B).

We’ll usually try to spot risks up front.

We can get crafty when needed, throttling down traffic, splitting it with VPNs or with multiple IPs – think of us as white-hat hackers to help you reach your goals.

We can’t forsee everything, but we are experts, and pride ourselves on transparency.

Client Testimonials

“I like the leads, and we're converting enough which is more than most companies. This stuff works. I like that I don't need to babysit or micromanage, and the practice keeps growing.”
Marvin Lee
Dr. Marvin Lee
“Roger and the Swift Marketing and SwiftCloud team - y'all are wizards, I call you my Jedi council.... I earned more than $50k last week...”
GlueBridge: APIs Connector, No-Code & Low-Code Systems from SwiftCloud 8
Jeffrey Taylor
" you hit it out of the park for me, I'm happy with the candidates - over 500 of them. The sales engineering you did was great."
GlueBridge: APIs Connector, No-Code & Low-Code Systems from SwiftCloud 9
Brandon Armstrong

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Questions? Call us! (650) 416-6219

Be sure to leave a message – we screen all calls.