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As a handyman, you need software that is powerful but affordable and simple to get started with. SwiftCloud meets these requirements and can help your business grow.

What makes SwiftCloud the right choice for handyman software?

Your happy clients are excellent marketing resources

When someone needs handyman services, there’s a good chance that they’re going to go online and start searching around for someone that has good ratings and reviews. You want to stand out from others by having previous clients leave testimonials that attest to your hard work and fair prices. 

It can be difficult to collect reviews. People are more likely to leave a negative comment than a positive one, but with our customer review software, we can make it easy for your clients to share their happy experiences with one-click sharing to Facebook, Yelp, and Google. With customized surveys that have your URL, your logo, and your colors, you can encourage your clients to take a quick moment to send in a 1 to 10 rating or a 1 to 5-star review by sending them the option via text, email, social media, or through your website. 

When a client chooses to leave a positive review about your handyman business, you can have it auto-publish right away so other people can find it. If the review is less than stellar, then don’t have it published, that way you aren’t risking your reputation. You can instead auto-escalate a trouble ticket that lets you find out what your client has taken issues with.

Make sure that you’re utilizing this powerful software so that way your future clients can see what your previous customers have had to say about your business!

Don’t waste time on tedious tasks that can be automated

Automating your workflow can save you time and energy that you can put into growing your business. Whether you want to collect payments and signatures on the fly or make sure that you have all the information to get started with a client, SwiftCloud’s form generation software works for you.Handyman Software 6

When a client decides to use your handyman services, they can easily book online, submit payment, fill out their information, get directed to a contract that they can instantly e-sign, and then have an auto-generated thank-you note sent to their email so they know how much you appreciate them choosing you.

Our software can also make it easy for you to design bait and tripwire offers to put on the top of our landing pages, to implement call-to-action buttons, to design popovers and exit pops, and so much more. If you don’t know HTML, it’s not a problem. Our software uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that takes only minutes to figure out so you can get quickly get started.

Use e-Waivers for extra business and to keep yourself protected

Protecting yourself against potential liability is important as a handyman and you can make sure that your business is utilizing e-waivers to ensure that your clients understand the potential risks they are taking when using your services. 

Custom if-then branching logic ensures that clients fill out all the information that you need to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and that you’ve got all the proper documentation to get started. If-then logic can ask your clients questions about their potential household problems. If they check certain boxes, they’ll be asked to provide more information. If they don’t check the box, they can move onto the next step without worrying about wasting time with irrelevant information.

You can use your e-waivers to look clients up by name. This means that you can ensure that all the proper paperwork is done. It also means that you can use your client’s information to add them to retarget ads and email lists. Export directly to email, send clients emails from within the app, and trigger surveys when you’re finished with your work!

Make sure your contracts are e-signed quickly

It’s important as a handyman that you get your contracts filled out and signed as soon as possible. This can make it harder for clients to back out of a job that you’ve already prepared to start. With the ability to sign a legally binding document on their phone, tablet, computer, or at a  kiosk, there’s no reason for your clients to lag behind on e-signing.Handyman Software 7

Signing the contract will put you and your client in a Social Shared Workroom. This cloud-based folder is a great way for you to view your documents, upload and download docs as necessary, add comments and notes, and even put in pictures so you can verify who you’re working with. You’ll each get a PDF copy of the e-signed docs in your email as well.

Your contracts can adapt based on your client’s needs. Depending on the handyman services they’ve requested, you can have a more complicated or simpler form. And don’t worry! You don’t have to remake a template for every client you get. Simply save them so you can instantly reuse them when the need arises.

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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Our software makes it easy to get started making the switch from paper. No matter if you want to start using customer reviews to drive more business, start utilizing e-signatures and e-waivers, automate your workflow, or use customizable marketing integrations, we can promise to be there for whatever you need, every step of the way. 

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