SwiftCloud = Social Network Base + Awesome Work Software

When your client e-signs a doc, pays an invoice, buys a product, or schedules an appointment, we will automagically create a free account for them if needed, then store the signed doc, receipts, and other uploads in your shared social online workroom. Your account automatically includes a social CRM (Client Relationship Manager + contacts address book) built in as an option.

The Best all-in-one CRM for selling services

  • Small Business Owners
  • Sales Professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Service Providers
  • Financial Companies
  • And So Much More!
SwiftCloud Executive Summary

We specialize in service based small businesses. SwiftCloud can help you get documents signed, go paperless even with complex forms or PDFs, get paid and collect money, schedule appointments, and automate your small business. Key systems include the best electronic signature & eDocs, social network CRM, Invoicing, Scheduling on a single integrated platform.

1. Start Now

Start small. Let's solve whatever brought you here today.

2. Accelerate

Learn how a single integrated platform saves you hassle, money, time & improves business results.

3. Reinvest

Get liftoff & rapid growth via leverage & autopilot system to grow your profit margins.

What Problems Can We Solve?

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The Best Paperless Software for Service Pros


The Best all-in-one CRM for small business 1

Grow Your Service Business Business Profits

Imagine you had an army of tech nerds to help you run your business more effectively - what would you do? We want to join your team to automate paperwork, streamline and accelerate sales, increase referrals and social reviews to grow your brand's reputation. Manage contacts and communication, leverage templates, schedule with clients, handle paperwork and payments easily. Need something else? Talk to us - most of our software started with a conversation just like that.

The Best all-in-one CRM for small business 3

Clone Powerful Sales Proposals that Close in Minutes

Use SwiftCloud for dozens of work tasks. For example, staffing companies can use our software to automate 50+ pages or martial art schools can use it to get waivers signed. SwiftCloud not only makes paperwork simple but can also increase revenue. Easily clone beautiful, branded, and customizable sales estimates, proposals, and receipts within minutes. Send them right through SwiftCloud using templated messages, track views, and get e-signatures with payment. Then, trigger a workroom to track fulfillment.

The Best all-in-one CRM for small business 5

Use a Single App, or Run Your Entire Business

Just want to solve a single problem? Awesome, we've got you covered. SwiftCloud can also connect to external software through data export, posts to APIs (a "glue" that connects programs together), and can receive data from other programs. Some clients use just one portion like eSign, others run their entire business on SwiftCloud. What's right for you? Schedule a personalized demo to find out.

Upgrade Your Business with SwiftCloud


Optionally connect an API Software Bridge or Import to integrate existing tools.

Branded To You

Make SwiftCloud your own. Your logo, your colors, your domain, and even a private server.

Works Anywhere

Works 24/7/365 securely on phone, web, tablet, kiosk, sign-pad. Even works offline.

Paperless e-Docs

SwiftCloud’s e-Docs with E-Sign can do everything paper could do and much more. If-then logic Smart Docs, upload & embed files, datepickers, data validation and more make it the ultimate paperless software.

Contacts & CRM

Search contacts anytime with a single system of truth. Tag people or companies, create and mass email groups. Store private notes, add custom fields, charge a client's card on file. Email and soon SMS right within the app for unified history.

e-Sign & e-Waivers

Streamline docs and turn a hassle into a profit center. Get instant e-Sign on sales contracts, smarter e-Waivers to protect your business all seamlessly integrated with follow-up automation, scheduling and payments.

Powerful Forms Generator

Drag & drop editing of complex forms for sales lead capture, intake forms, replacing clipboards or creating kiosks. Connect Wordpress contact forms, helpdesk ticket systems, lead capture, popups. Add if-then logic to reduce errors & speed client process.

Get Paid With SwiftShop

Generate an Invoice, Estimate, Quote, Proposal, Credit Memo, Receipt in minutes. Create a simple online store, charge a client's card on file, embed invoices into eDocs for rental software, setup recurring billing software for memberships, add a client portal for card updates & more.

Cloud Drive & Collaboration

Upload anything, share to anyone. Track revision history. Convert common files to edit online. Generate PDFs on the fly. Collaborate, store notes. Access files 24/7 securely, control permissions and get more done, faster.

Marketing Automation

NEW Group Email, soon SMS. Setup Drip Sequences or Appointment Confirmations, “Bloodhound” Ad Tracking, Automate your reputation with Customer Reviews & Refer-a-Friend + viral social media URLs. Mini Websites, Landing Pages, Video Email & more.

Calendar & Scheduler

Add an e-Secretary to schedule sales appointments, or automate scheduling of any asset. Setup ticketed events like classes or rentals. Increase sales with a better call to action. Automate reminders before events, and auto-follow up after any event.

It's All About YOU.

We’re growing fast but still small enough you’ll get a real human on the phone. For service providers, we aim to be the absolute best and keep helping your business succeed. Try us! Let's see how quickly we can solve whatever brought you here today.

Pricing – Start For Free

Jump into SwiftCloud for just $1 for the first 14 days (and we’ll remind you day 13!). Our pricing scales with your business needs.

The Best all-in-one CRM for small business 7

You'll ❤️ it!

Simple docs are usually setup in minutes by clients themselves with a bit of copy and paste. For complex docs, contact us for free help. 30 days money-back guarantee.

The Best all-in-one CRM for small business 7


We’ll send a reminder too, before your trial expires. We’re cool like that.

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