How do I make an electronic signature in word? 1

How do I make an electronic signature in word? The good news is this can be easy and free, and take just minutes, but the bad news is that word by itself cannot be used for electronic signature.

If you just want to drop an image of your own signature into a word document, the easiest way to do that is sign a paper, take a photo, email it to yourself, and embed that photo into your document.

Another way to address the “how do I make an electronic signature in word” question if you just want to sign the doc yourself is to upload the doc into SwiftCloud and e-sign it yourself (see the bottom).

Signing yourself for someone is just one option SwiftCloud can help with – the other is getting someone else, or even a group of people to e-sign something.

What you probably want is legally binding agreement from someone else – so let’s try this again.

So, how do I make an electronic signature in word?

Easy: Upload the document to an electronic signature system like SwiftCloud, and we’ll convert it to a SwiftCloud HTML doc. Once it’s converted, replace the ____ lines at the bottom with the following shortcodes:

Email (for a copy of this doc): [swift_email ]
[swift_name name="name" size="medium"]
[swift_date_long readonly]
[swiftsignature size="medium"]

Once you do, SwiftCloud will convert that to input fields for email, name, and will render today’s date, and create a signature box for the other party to draw their signature, or type their name.

How do I make an electronic signature in word?

This is probably what you want, how to make an electronic signature in word.

Word by itself cannot do this, because a signature is (1.) a claim to identity, and (2.) indication of agreement. Word is a powerful text editor for making documents, but it’s not the right tool to get agreement from another person.

If you’re searching for “how do I make an electronic signature in word”, we invite you to start now for free. If you just need a few signatures, your account will always stay free – all accounts start with $5 in credits to try the system, more than enough to get a few signatures.

Setting up your doc is easy, and you can in most cases just upload the word doc you already have, make a few modifications, and then send your doc to the other person or people in minutes. You can sign it yourself, get notified when they sign it or even when they see it, and so much more.

Once you’re signed up, you can upload your word doc right from within the setup wizard. SwiftCloud will work for a few minutes to convert the doc. The steps to setup any doc for electronic signature (from word, or any other source) are….

  1. Import the doc
  2. Setup your rules for the signer – what will happen after they sign? Common options include show a confirmation message or redirect to another URL, and email them a copy.
  3. Setup your own notification rules, most commonly just email you a signed copy.
  4. Publish the doc. You can set privacy, require a password, and many other options if needed, but most commonly each doc will be signable online.

That’s it! That’s how to make an electronic signature in word, or at least out of a word doc.

Once it’s set up, you can sign it yourself the same as any other party, or click “Sign Yourself” under Drive >> E-Sign >> Sign Yourself inside the SwiftCloud application.

One upside to this approach is that most clients who start by looking for “How do I make an electronic signature in word” have the doc(s) they want signed in Word, and this method above involves a minimum of steps to get them setup to go paperless.

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