To keep our prices low, we run a very simple, 100% automated billing procedures system.

Your understand of these policies will help you to avoid any unplanned interruption or modification of your services. Here are our policies regarding late payments:

  1. 5 Days over due date is considered a grace period. No additional fees apply, and no public notice will be displayed.
  2. 6 Days to 14 Days: Late Gentle Notice:  A public green “friendly reminder” notice will be displayed on your website and/or CRM account (including all employee’s sub-accounts) and/or videos stating this account is in overdue-payment-status. This notice is displayed automatically based on midnight, PST.
    1. Late Fee: 1% of the Invoice Amount per Day applies starting from 1st day late (often 1st of the month).
  3. 15 Days to 29 Days: Late Firm Notice: A public red reminder will be displayed that this account is scheduled for closure, and a 10% fee to reinstate the account will apply.
    1. Late Fee: 2% of the Invoice Amount per Day applies starting from 1st day late (often 1st of the month).
  4. 30 Days: Disconnection. Your site and/or CRM are closed. Reopening account and/or reinstating your website is subject to a $100 reinstatement fee.

We run a business and appreciate your understanding of these policies.

In order to keep our prices low, we cannot and will not be involved in billing exceptions or chasing invoices.

All billing is simple pay-as-you-go in advance. The first billing renewal will automatically be run 7 days prior to expiration, in event of failure, will re-attempt 3 days before renewal date, and in event of failure will re-attempt on day of renewal. In event of failure (for any reason including expiration, fraud lock, etc.) you will be notified via email and automated phone reminder based on the information held within your Admin >> General Settings page.

Data will never be “locked” in event of non-payment, however, service may be restricted. We will retain all data within an account for 1 year (exactly 365 days) following closure of any account.

Payment is accepted via credit card only via our automated systems, though in event of one-time unusual events, payment via counter deposit to any local Bank of America will be accepted. Note for the above-mentioned reasons, we cannot accept a “check in the mail” to remove any public notices.

In the unlikely event billing issues are on our side i.e. due to merchant services or our shopping cart, all late-notice display systems will be paused. These policies apply to all subscription products including but not limited to CRM and systems, website and internet marketing systems, video marketing systems and any other subscription-basis products Gendesic Inc. may produce in the future.

Please note these policies are part of our terms and conditions, and should you not agree, we must politely decline your business.

… and now, our mantra:

The best defense is a great offense.

Let us help you make more money!