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Our affordable, easy-to-use software can help make your life easier and help your martial arts studio succeed.

How can SwiftCloud Kickstart My Martial Arts Studio Into Becoming More Profitable?

Collect e-Signatures with ease — use the best software so your customers can reap the rewards 

One of the special features of our e-sign system is that you have the option to add photos into the document for easy verification.  

Adding photo ID and other pertinent information into the client’s profile makes it easy if you ever need to call upon the information in the future. It allows you to collect your e-signatures in the method that works best for you and your clients, whether that’s via tablet, phone, website or email — you can link your form anywhere.

Once signed both copies receive an automated email for their records. The system also creates a Social Shared workroom, a cloud-based folder that you can collaborate on. In the workroom, you can add pertinent information, sign additional documents, make comments and notes, and more.

You can save a template for quick on-boarding of a new client! No need to re-write, or build out a document for each client, you can easily revise or re-use ones in the system.

A top way to protect your martial arts studio is by using e-Waivers


Waivers are some of the best tools to protect your martial arts studio from common injuries. It can limit your liability when it comes to potential injury, from sprains and strains to cuts and bruises. You’re able to customize your e-waiver using easy-to-understand language so you know customers are well aware of any inherent risks that may come with practicing martial arts.

For waivers, you can use our if-then branching logic to make sure customers are using the correct forms. For example, If a user clicks that they have an existing medical condition they would be prompted to fill out an additional form or waiver, where the person without a condition would move to the next automated step. 

Automate your workflow and focus on what’s important — helping your clients perform at their very best

With SwiftCloud forms, you can optimize your workflow to save time. If your client signs up for services online or in advance, you can collect payment and prompt them to end a workflow that guides them through the setup form, auto-generate an e-signable contract that follows up with a thank you page.

Looking to boost your revenue? Create custom offers for your website, create toppers, popovers, and call-to-action offers. Within minutes you can gather new enthusiastic members using our website integrations.

No need to use HTML programming, you can use our free WordPress plugin. Our plugin has a drag and drop interface that allows you to use customizable templates for popups, offers, newsletters, surveys and more!

Your raving fans are a huge asset so use them to drive more business to your studio

Our customer review software can help attract clients looking for a martial arts studio to your business. Research shows that consumers read reviews and make decisions about where to patron based on others’ comments. You need positive reviews about your teaching methods, and Martial arts studio to get new customers.

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Use our customer review portal with your branding and URL so when you link your reviews in email marketing it all leads back to you, your logo, your font, and your custom color pallet. Gather customer feedback with your fully branded template by linking it in a thank you email, a text message, a note on social media and directly through your website. You can have the reviews auto-publish and use one-click sharing to push them to other platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook. If someone leaves negative feedback, the system will not auto-publish, instead, it will open a trouble ticket so you can contact the unsatisfied customer and help find a solution.

Generate client care polls from a variety of templates, for example, 1 to 5 stars or 0 to 10 evaluations. Raise profits by winning over clients once they view others’ favorable feedback. Increase the traffic for your martial arts studio by having ratings appear in searches associated with martial arts.

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