online invoice software

Swift Invoice is a powerful Online Invoice Generator Software (Web-Based)

  • More choices of payment method and payment gateway, currencies
  • Payments & Milestones i.e. 4 payments of $600
  • Tracking & history of every invoice
  • Auto-reminders & auto-escalation & auto-late fees is in the works
  • Templates, for often-used services
  • e-Commerce products integration i.e. you can quickly assemble a quote / estimate / credit memo / etc.
  • Workrooms for any paid projects with collaboration
  • & more – need something specific? Let us know.

===== Older 1.0 information below ======

For now, it’s totally free. We’ll split off a more powerful and fancy paid version soon, but for now, it’s all free.

We originally built this tool simply because we needed it, for invoicing clients – so rather than build something strictly for ourselves, we built a tool everyone can use.

The people we’ve spoken to looking for an Online Invoice Generator Software tool thus far said they want:

  1. Simple, fast, easy. For that reason we’ve hidden some of the more powerful (but also more complex) features by default. The more powerful stuff (partial payments, taxes, shipping etc.) is there, but if you don’t need it, it’s out of sight.
  2. An Invoices dashboard – so you never lose track of unpaid invoices, can easily convert a quote to an invoice with modifications if needed, then when paid, to a credit memo / receipt.
  3. Online and Offline Payments. We get it… some of your clients might still be old school. Or maybe you’re an auto mechanic, and when people pay in cash, it’s all good – people still like it, and who are we to argue. Bottom line: it has to work the way you do – collect online via email, or generate a short URL to SMS, or note a cash / check payment that can be printed nicely – whatever works.
  4. Automate reminders and collections. Escalate for those feet-draggers who are late to pay from nice and chipper “hey just a reminder” to increasingly persuasive nastygrams if needed, all automated, so those favorite clients who pay promptly will never see your robot’s frowny face.

So far, these seem to be what people want. How about you?

Try it, and let us know. We’re in that beautiful and magic spot where we’re a small but profitable company, so we’re not going away anytime soon and poised for growth – but still small enough to actually listen.

If you need an online invoice generator software, click sign up above to try it now for free and send your first invoice in minutes.

To get started:

  1. Click here to sign up
  2. Navigate to Accounting >> Incoming* >> Invoices (Receivable)
    note: this will be “incoming money” to you, so it shows there. If someone sends you an invoice, it will display for you under Accounting >> Outgoing >> Invoices (Payable) because that’s outgoing money to you.
  3. Click Create New in the top right.
  4. Tip: If you want to add a custom logo, customize the color, add online payment methods, etc. – this is under Settings >> Appearance first and define a way to pay you, upload a logo, etc.