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SwiftCloud’s leading e-Sign is all about you – your platform, your brand, your colors. If you’re looking for online petition software, you probably want to build a platform for change, and branding is paramount.

Lower your cost-per-signature with SwiftCloud’s Online Petition Software.

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Warning: Some competing solutions are “free”, but will solicit your signers for donations, then may or may not donate to your cause.

We also want everything branded to you – YOUR logo, your colors, even your domain*

*Your domain or subdomain can be pointed to our servers, so we can legally guarantee the signer intent.

As they say, “there’s always free cheese at the mousetraps”.

SwiftCloud’s online petition software has a few key features that make it perfect for even major political parties, HOAs, local government and more. Some of those features include…

  • Legally binding eSign, of course
  • Address validation and browser auto-fill; geographic control options, advanced address options
  • 100+ reserved fields (i.e. phone, SSN, etc), custom field types with infinite options
  • Automatic addition of signers to CSV spreadsheets, automatic email confirmations, notification options
  • Viral / Social “I signed X, you should too if you care about Y” controls for the browser flow so that people passionate about change can socially broadcast their commitment and get others who share those values to also sign
  • Chaining of multiple signatures into a single flow so each signature flows into the next to get people to sign multiple petitions at once
  • Hidden tracking systems to track which change agent obtained a signature for example, or for attribution to a marketing campaign
  • And more

Here’s a quick demo of our core eSign system…

The next step to finding out if SwiftCloud’s Online Petition Software is right for you is take a free test drive. Setup a single petition and try it out.

In addition to the features touched on in the above video, SwiftCloud has even more built in to help build societal momentum and get the change you’re looking for. Just some of those include…

  • Advanced eDocs in social workrooms for active creation of legislation, changes to HOA docs or formal club documentation
  • A complete CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) / Contact Manager to work with your donors, constituents, change agents, vendors and more
  • Mass email to large groups – even in the millions – that you can tie to a mass eSign request
  • Powerful financial features to easily take in funds as donations, track donor activity, and setup recurring or one-time payments securely. Setup a payments portal, or easy secure online payment forms
  • If-then logic cascading “smart docs”, marketing “Momentum Forms” to shape passive consumers into activated and engaged cause champions
  • In person “Kiosk / Tablet Mode” will suppress autofill / autocomplete
  • Offline Mode for use with tablets that will reconcile to the server as soon as reconnected. This can also help with door to door collection.
  • For highly format-specific eSign docs, we do have eSign PDFs for docs such as government W4s or 1099s. These won’t work as well on a phone, which is why we prioritize our “smart doc” responsive-coding (phone auto-formatting) system, but is an option when required.
  • And more. It’s a large system, but helping grow your change movement starts with a single doc.

NEW: July 2020: Export all signers into 1 petition PDF.

This new mode will produce a single merged PDF with all signers info (i.e. signer-block, i.e. name, email, phone, signature, date+time, address – whatever info you decide) then “loop” it, so instead of 1,000 separate PDFs, you’ll get one PDF with 1,000 signatures.

We have a “high speed mode” designed for thousands of signatures per day.

Government servers are available upon request. Public-facing docs can be in any language. Email verification, SMS verification, and address verification are all options.

The 3 critical questions you need to consider when choosing online petition software are…

  1. If it’s free, what’s in it for them? What am I giving up by getting this system for free?
  2. How important is branding to me?
  3. Integration: Will this platform do what’s ideal to lower my total cost-per-signature and help us reach our goals?

“Free” may end up costing you more than you think.

If you think SwiftCloud may be right for you, let’s try it! Setup a doc today in minutes, and start small.

Request a Free Personalized Demo

Just email us the form you want signed and we’ll set it up for you to test out – contact us to get started, or just click Get Started above. Note we don’t have automated onboarding for petition mode, so while you can test it out, we recommend contact us for (free) personalized setup.

Cost: Start Free! We’ll set you up a demo and ensure you like it before we need a dime. Pricing for petitions depends on volume, decreasing with volume, which is less than the cost of handling pen and paper, and furthermore, the reduced “friction” of online signatures can easily lower your total cost and increase your speed to completion. We do have e-Commerce options as well for soliciting donations from passionate citizens.

Payment: For government petitions in which volume is unknown, we can start with a few thousand and keep an eye on things. Usually we’ll set you up, get you happy, then when you’ve confirmed it all looks good and works as expected, we can handle payment.

High volume: SwiftCloud is engineered to support billions of records. Give us a heads up, so we can get all fancy with our load balancers, server redundancy, speed caching, DDOS protect, etc – but we can handle large volume. If you are running TV spots (potentially “spiky” traffic) please let us know so we plan for it.

Output: If you need petitions for government legislation, after you’re set up, please put in touch with your receiving government body. Government usually moves slowly, and in some cases, they may require you to print the PDFs we generate, but that’s silly, wasteful, and outdated. We’ll see what we can do. Note we can generate 1 PDF per signer and/or 1 PDF with all the signatures; in addition the actual underlying digital signature is stored separately of course; the PDF is mainly for human understanding.

Jurisdiction: For official government use, private servers are available; ask about our Blockchain-based jurisdictionally sovereignty systems tied to IP-based servers (no ICANN privacy concerns) if needed. This is intended for court documents or other highly private eDocs that may be jurisdictionally sensitive.

FedRamp Certification: Has started, is not yet completed, but if required, let us know. Note a side project we work with reports to the U.S. DEA; we can handle government reporting as needed.

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