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SwiftCloud is an ideal sports waiver software platform.

Why? It’s everything you need in a sports waiver software system, but unlike most competitors, it can provide more flexibility your business needs to handle more advanced systems – injuries, marketing, sales systems, HR & staffing & more.

SwiftCloud’s online sports waiver software is a complete suite with CRM. Just need e-Sign? Cool – we play nice with other software systems, or let us handle your complete digital needs, with payments and billing, private notes about participants, accident and incident reports and more.


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SwiftCloud’s system can also help reduce legal risk in event of participant injury, which is surely very rare, but must be planned for.

WARNING: Sadly, there are a few fraudsters out there seeking to deliberately slip by your systems, then go after you for an easy $5k insurance settlement. Protecting yourself is easy & worth it.

Sports Waiver Software

All the essentials are covered, of course, such as

  • Online Sports Waiver Software handles, as you’d expect, E-sign of sports waivers. The flow and automation and branding can all be customized.
  • “Set it and forget it” operation
  • Sign over the web in advance or on-premise; e-Sign on phone, tablet, desktop, kiosk, sign pad.
  • Works even offline – handy for spotty mobile phone reception. The system will sync to the server when reconnected – handy for horseback riding, whitewater rafting, etc which may be offline.
  • NEW: Bulk eSign in early beta – blast a request out to hundreds, thousands, and track who has signed and who hasn’t.
  • Coming soon: Self Scheduler – ask us for beta… users can schedule a class and sign docs right during scheduling.
  • Auto-email the participant and you a PDF copy, and store it online.
  • Search participants anytime by name, phone, email, date signed
  • Optionally export to other marketing systems in addition to SwiftCloud’s marketing suite
  • Notes and custom fields on contacts, tagging, and contact tools

TIP: Ask us about a Yacht Club we’re working with to manage everything – membership, payments, daily Covid waivers for kids at summer camp and more.

These are frankly “table stakes” for any sports waiver software platform.

One of the more advanced features in SwiftCloud’s sports waiver software create a bulk e-sign request. You can upload a CSV of 10 or 10,000 people and send an e-sign request. Easily remind just those who have not signed, even several times if needed. Signers and non-signers can be exported anytime.

One legal risk that should be planned is people seeking insurance fraud against your business. Unfortunately, while 99.99% of your participants are ethical, there are a small number of people who will purposely try to work the system, feign an injury, then try to get a legal settlement from your insurance and/or via court action. It’s rare, but if you serve enough people, it will happen.

In one case we’ve learned about a guest deliberately did not sign the waiver for a boating company, then a few months later filed a legal action claiming injury. While the lawsuit was baseless, and unfair, it still must be defended against, because legally, anyone can sue anyone at any time for nearly any reason, even if unlikely to win.

The solution to this is creating systems in which nobody can “slip through the cracks”, and ideally, waivers should have a photo of the participants (and parent or guardian if applicable).

Legal risk varies by jurisdiction, but critical to the process is participants knowing you have legal paperwork to cover your side. Unethical guests seeking an easy settlement will be less inclined to attempt to defraud you if an attorney will only take a cash payment retainer and not a percentage of winnings, which they are more likely to require in cases in which the difficulty is high and possible payout is low. Clauses that may help with this include arbitration clauses, limits of liability, assumption of risk.

SwiftCloud is more than just a sports waiver platform.

Some of the less common features SwiftCloud has include…

  • Advanced if-then branching logic, which means your forms are smart. If a participant is under 18, for example, it can add a parent’s e-sign block, but hide it for those over 18.
  • Optional webcam profile photos of participants. This can help with legal enforcement as well as help especially with kids and parent relationships.
  • Downstream conditional logic for payment options based on packages
  • Offline tablet signature, which will reconcile to the server when reconnected to the internet. This can also help with mission-critical operation if your internet goes down temporarily.

Due to SwiftCloud’s flexible system design, your new sports waiver software system is actually a complete business platform, and contains modules for…

  • Employee paperwork and vendor management – Human Resources Software
  • Timeclock software and timesheet systems for staff
  • Sales proposal software to market affinity groups such as schools, and marketing software to help track what marketing is working
  • Support ticket and helpdesk software
  • Internal documentation and knowledgebase software
  • e-Commerce and Point of Sale for online checkout or offline in-person payment

Protect your investment, streamline your business, and save time by getting started now for just $1! In most cases you can have the basics set up in minutes.

To get your sports waiver set up, we recommend…

  1. Get signed up (above) for $1
  2. On the setup-wizard page fill out the pink-box info about your company – it’ll ask for your company phone, URL, etc to set up some basics.
  3. Next just grab an existing template from the free waiver templates. Call it “XYZ Waiver (Website Version)”. Replace XYZ with whatever your business does – Ninja school, underwater basket weaving, whatever. The website version is because you can have unlimited docs in the account, so you may want another one like “XYZ Waiver (In-person version)” that is set to “Kiosk Mode”.
  4. Once you’ve cloned a copy from the library, copy all the main text body (not including the signature-lines) from your existing doc, and paste it over the main body of the new doc. This way you’ve got all the signature fields already done for you.
  5. Next, link your website to the URL that SwiftCloud generates at the bottom (either click the blue Preview button, or click the “Promote” bullhorn button at the bottom).
  6. Be sure your pink box “For Them” is filled out – you can customize the receipt email to the signer, and then also be sure the blue box “For You” is set as you want it – who do you want to get a copy of these signed waivers?
  7. Last, if you expect a lot of signatures (say, more than 10/day), in the … More Options at the bottom, set the doc to “High Speed Mode”.

That’s it!

All our packages have a 60 day zero-hassle guarantee, even on the $1 – you really have nothing to lose. We take this stuff seriously and are happy to help.


We’ll remind you before your trial expires

And now to you… have any concerns, comments, questions?

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