Paperless Office Software - tablet

Paperless office software can do much more than paper ever could. For example, SwiftCloud e-Docs and e-Contracts contain conditional if-then branching logic, validate fields to reduce things like typos on email addresses, automate data flows so you never have to read messy handwriting and type it into some other system, and much more. You can also lookup users by name, phone, email or date, tag then with whatever you like (i.e. #vendor #client #referral) and even score those tags if you choose.

SwiftCloud is built around paperless office software.

e-Signature TabletGetting started with SwiftCloud’s paperless office software is easy. The first step is to get all your docs into the cloud, starting with the most commonly used assets, and start small. Over time, more and more of your docs will migrate into the cloud and within a few days, weeks or months you’ll be entirely switched over and able to see why this whole “cloud thing” is growing so fast.

Paperless office software also means you can access docs securely 24/7/365 from any device. If a computer hard drive were to fail for example, or you needed information while traveling, you can easily access anything from your phone, and can manage permissions for a team. Specific departments (say, accounting vs. operations) can access docs as needed or not, and workflows can be automated between them.

TIP: Paperless office requires a change of human habits, which are harder to change than software – but there’s a big payoff for doing so. Use devices at time of input / intake to get started – such as a tablet for new client intake forms.

As the software gets smarter, it gets easier to use, and can also automate increasing portions of your business with workflow systems, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other new systems like chatbots. While AI is a buzzword that’s thrown around more than it is actually used, it is helping to make software more human friendly. For example, AI can translate “yeah”, “yep”, and “sure” into “yes”, to help make a chatbot easier to use than a complex web form.

A paperless office really requires a few core systems…

  • Free HR Template FormsInformation gathering – intake and input forms, including potentially very complex forms. For example, one client is using SwiftCloud for medical staffing – with complex medical forms, skills tests, upload of licenses, a photo of a driver’s license and social security cards, refer-a-friend forms, medical history and risk forms and more. All of these can be bundled into “envelopes”, and of course include our legally binding electronic signature options. SwiftCloud’s e-Sign systems allow a wide variety of options for legal compliance, user authentication, and any form can be automated based on roles (say, buyer then seller, or a classroom of children’s parents, or employer and worker).
  • Legal forms with e-Sign for handling of risk. Our e-Waivers and other forms follow the above, but beyond that you can easily clone from templates, develop your own templates, even include a profile photo of each signer for your ninja school which also reduces the “I didn’t sign that” risk.
  • Intake forms for lead generation such as popups, landing pages website sidebars, free gifts, and more.
  • Information sharing. Share internal knowledgebase entries with just the people who need it, setup variable levels of access on any doc, optionally add discussion options (public forum-style like blog comments that all can see, or private one-to-one style for a client to ask sales questions about a doc) and more. Need to collaborate with clients? SwiftCloud has built in branded-to-you portal software so clients can login, upload or download files, discuss online and more.
  • Information lookup and reporting. Naturally, all user’s drives are searchable, and with upcoming enterprise features a company owner can search the contents of worker’s sub-accounts.
  • Database manipulation. Want to create a new audience for a marketing campaign? You could search for all people tagged with #webinar1, then export them and send out a mass email. Want to find people in just Hawaii for your sales team to call late in the day? Look for “808” and you’ll find all the contacts with a Hawaii phone number. All SwiftCloud accounts have their own unique isolated database, so even advanced systems like hybrid on-premise or isolated machines in-country for government security are possible, or HIPAA medical audited accounts.
  • And more – we want to be your technology partner, not just another vendor. We thrive on real-world applications and our team of tech wizards are excited by hearing how this can help make your business run more efficiently, more profitably, and dare we say it, even having more fun in the workplace. Business owners usually founded a business to do something cool, not deal with paperwork, and the better do our job, the more transparent our systems become, “disappearing” so you can focus on outcomes, instead of which button to push or tasks like importing and exporting data, or chasing physical paper.

For medium and small businesses, the best next step is just jump in and take a risk-free trial. Get started with your most common docs, and see how SwiftCloud’s paperless office software can help you get more done in less time, increase your profits, and streamline your business.

For large businesses or larger installations on which you are interested but unsure how to proceed, reach out to our team and schedule a personalized demo. Send us a few docs, and we’ll set them up for you to test out. Have a conversation with us about any concerns you have, and let’s see if it’s a fit.

We love what we do, and by making “boring” tasks disappear, we believe we can make the world a better place. Take a moment now to setup a risk-free test drive, or contact our team.