Expand Your Income by Working with SwiftCloud!

SwiftCloud Certified

What’s Required?

  • General Web Facility: front-end vs. back-end (like WordPress)
  • Very Basic HTML: embed an image
  • Very Basic Logic: show/hide logic
  • Attention to Details on URLs: extra trailing / on URLs
  • Search Skills: search for a list of commas separated for dropdowns (Canada Provinces, USA States, etc)

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Fill out the application (below) to get your tracking URL and/or access depending on your strategy
  2. Start Landing Clients!

Our Partner Resources

  1. To get added to our list, please fill out the form below. This will get you:
    • Advance notice before our general list of things you can sell or set up for clients
    • Periodic tips and tricks to grow your agency or business
    • Details about partner contests and live events
    • Referrals to you specifically (won’t go to the list, but we’ll use this information to make referrals)
  2. Training / Support Central
  3. Press Room / Influencer’s Assets: Brand Assets, Images, and More

SwiftCloud Partner Program Fine Print

  • The referred user must stay subscribed for > 4 months. You can’t just refer a bunch of $1 trial users to get the referral credit, this is for real referred clients. We’ll credit you right away, but we will monitor this for abuse.
  • The free account is manually credited — you’ll need to let us know whom you referred by emailing SwiftCloudPartners@gmail.com.
  • The free account is designed to help you grow your agency and is strictly non-transferrable. You cannot use the free account for some other client who pays you. Our goal is to build your business and we give you an enterprise account so that you know all the possible features and how to use them. That said, it’s a powerful and valuable tool to help you grow your agency!
  • This is an independent relationship and results will vary. Some past partners have earned substantial referral fees for larger custom and semi-custom projects, but we need to be clear this is not a conventional job or assignment. It is a business opportunity and results will vary.

Strictly Prohibited

  • PPC Brand Bidding: We are legally required to enforce our trademark. We also don’t want you driving up costs for our specific brand keywords. Don’t do it. If you do, we have to come down on you legally and remove you from the program. You don’t want to do this anyway: you’ll be more profitable targeting problem-solution phrases since business owners just want to solve a problem. Anyone searching for our brand is deeper into the buying cycle and will be less profitable for you anyway.
  • Saying You Work FOR the Company: You can call us a partner or say you work with us, but don’t represent yourself as an official representative. Be cool and don’t misrepresent the relationship.  You’re probably great, but we need to be clear that anything you say does not necessarily represent the company — it is your own opinion or way of handling things.


Ready to Start?
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Help Articles related to the Above:

Ride the Tide! SwiftCloud specializes in automation, machine / artificial intelligence, tools to connect our world… innovative software that is easy to sell – because you’re selling money, selling profit, and in all cases the cost of not having our products / services exceed the investment.

That said, we need partners – like you? – to get these tools into the hands of business owners, solo-preneurs, and even large enterprise businesses.

We have 2 types of partnership:

  1. Marketing Partner Affiliates (typically internet marketers or traffic sources). We will try to upsell integration and installation, and then pay you a commission on it. You do just one thing, very well – drive traffic, and you get paid handsomely for it! We’ll optimize conversions and focus on EPCs. Note 100% of our business is focused on B2B, so net profits can be higher even if net conversions are lower, as some of our products pay residuals for life. Most products pay 25% – well above any competitors in the B2B space – we value your expertise!
  2. Value-Added Consultant Resellers (typically WordPress developers, etc. – more hands-on project manager types). To become a consultant, we need some info about who you are, and some basic agreements about how you represent your association to the company – in short, we won’t ever circumvent you, and can work more closely. Our tech support team will reference you when calling a client, and we’re available for custom project on which you’ll receive a pre-agreed commission. We will refer setup work and integration back to you, if we believe you can handle it. Consultants typically charge setup fees to their client, which we don’t participate in, and more of the customer service. We may also refer you projects.

We welcome you to either or both programs.