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Leverage SwiftCloud’s cost-effective, cutting-edge software to grow your pet sitting business by gaining more clients, streamlining your schedule, and promoting your special offers, positive reviews, landing pages, and more. 

What makes SwiftCloud the best pet sitting software out there?

Duplicate your happy clients using the power of reviews

Customers find new services based on referrals from friends and family, and online review platforms like Google. Our customer review software can drive more people needing dog watching and pet sitting right to your door. One bad review can spread like wildfire so it is crucial that you optimize and manage your reviews so you always have your best paw forward.

Use our automated program to gather and manage your customer reviews. Our system can automatically publish any positive feedback and use one-click sharing to send it to Facebook, Google, Yelp and others. Negative comments are filtered into a help ticket system where you can review them and reach out to anyone who is less than completely satisfied with your services to resolve the issue prior to any publishing. Your review template can be customized with your branding and logo to ensure clients know it’s you asking for feedback on your pet sitting skills.

Obtain additional feedback by sending customer surveys using editable templates — use a variety of star ratings or 0 to 10 scales. Increase traffic to your website by having responses and reviews show up in searches related to pet sitting, dog walking, animal watching and more.

Upgrade your workflow so you can focus on growing the number of furry friends you’re sitting

Use SwiftCloud forms to upgrade your workflow by reducing the time you spend on your day to day management. When a client signs up online for your services they will be prompted to pay and sign relevant waivers all in the same interaction. Once the customer’s payment has cleared it will have them sign the forms that need to be completed prior to being sent to a thank you page for signing up with your pet sitting service.

Looking to increase how many clients you have? We have industry-leading marketing tools to help! We have comprehensive and easy to use tools that integrate directly into your website. Everything from call-to-action popups, page toppers, email collectors and more.Pet Sitting Software 6

Don’t stress, you don’t need to understand HTML or website programming, simply install our WordPress plugin in seconds. Our plugin features an easy to use drag and drop format, we keep it stocked full of templates that can be branded and customized for newsletters and much more!

e-Waivers are your automated shield from getting sued — and can actually help boost your business!

Give your marketing flow a significant boost by using our e-waiver software. You can instantly look up your clients to make sure they’ve signed their name and provided their details. Then add these clients to email lists and retarget ads! You can trigger follow-up surveys, export to your marketing lists, and send out emails from within the app.

E-waivers are one of the best tools to protect your pet sitting from legal disputes. You can ask custom questions you need from your clients using our if-then branching logic. The powerful logic tool will ensure customers are filling out all the necessary information and signing the proper forms. If a user clicks that they have two dogs they may be prompted to fill out two health history waivers, whereas the user that clicks they have one would only be prompted to fill out one in your forms, saving them any unnecessary work. This ensures that you are getting all the information you need from your customers.

E-waivers can limit your liability when it comes to client disputes, aggressive animals, bites, scrapes, cuts, cancellation policies and more.  Our forms are highly customizable allowing you to use easy to understand language so you and the signer have a full understanding of the agreement.

Gather e-signatures in seconds for all pet sitting forms

Use our software to quickly send links to e-signature agreements to your clients on any platform, facebook, email, text, tablet and your client will be able to sign them from any internet-connected device.

You can also host links to forms and waivers on your pet sitting site so when someone registers as a new client they’re linked to the paperwork they need to complete. Upon signature, you and the client receive an emailed copy for your records to keep you both on the same page. If you lose the email or need to download or add files to the clients profile simply use our ‘Social Shared Workroom’ that are automatically created upon signature. In the shared workroom, you can download files, ask for additional signatures or documents, or make comments and questions.

One of SwiftClouds unique features is adding additional attachments along with the signed forms. If you need to attach pictures of our animal pals on the account, you can attach them to the online waiver and forms to save it for future reference. This makes it easy to keep track of important information like who’s dog is who’s if there is ever any confusion.Pet Sitting Software 7

Save time dragging and dropping sign here forms or rewriting content for each client by saving your form template and re-using it for new clients. Anytime you expand and need new protection and forms for your animal daycare it’s as simple as creating a new document and saving an additional template.

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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Our platform makes switching from pen and paper methods easy as we can help you get set up with all of our automated services. Whether or not you would like to automate your waiver and consent forms, leverage your customer reviews, or use our customizable marketing integrations we’re here to ensure that you get what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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