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SwiftCloud is there for you when you need help managing your pilates studio — designed by people who had a real need and came up with a real solution.

How can SwiftCloud Improve Profitability for Yoga Studios?

Get the e-signatures you need from pilates students right away

Whether you need paperwork filled out for your Pilates studio for class scheduling, membership forms, waivers, or anything else, you can collect e-signatures over the web, on tablets, smartphones, and kiosks.

These docs will automatically create a Social Share Workroom — a cloud-based folder and collaborative workroom that you and your signer(s) share. You can add in comments and private notes about your clients (do they have special needs when it comes to Pilates? Are they a beginner? Advanced?), embed their photo and birthday right into the doc (this can help you know if you’re working with a minor or an adult and you can also offer specials for those who have birthdays coming up!), store files, complete information forms, upload and download docs at any time, and so much more. PDFs will be emailed to each signer, so everyone knows what’s going on.

You can also save your templates for instant reuse, so you aren’t always having to make new ones from scratch.

#1 way to protect your pilates studio is with e-Waivers

Using a waiver can be a great way to protect your Pilates studio from harm should someone get hurt during your classes. Customizing your e-waiver is simple to do and you can add in your logo, colors, and other information. You can add your own options and use language that’s easy to understand to make sure that your clients know exactly what they’re signing.

If-then branching logic is a great way to diversify your forms based on the client who’s using it. For example, if a client has a medical condition (such as activity-induced asthma or knee that likes to dislocate), the waiver can send them to an additional page to fill out more details. If your client doesn’t check this box, though, they’ll skip over that page without having to worry about crossing out or redlining sections that don’t apply.

Optimize your workflow so you can do what you love — help your pilates students hit their goals

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SwiftCloud forms can help you keep your workflow automated so you save time. If your client has a membership or schedules a Pilates class in advance, you can easily collect payments right away and then flow into a setup form where you can auto-generate a contract for e-signing about the class(es) they’re purchasing, and then you can send them a thank you page when they’re finished.

Don’t stop there, though! Create bait and tripwire offers for your landing page, customize landing page toppers, add in timed popovers, exit pops, and scroll-intent pops, use call-to-action offers, and more. You can use these on your Pilates site in minutes or even use our free WordPress marketing plugin.

You don’t need to know HTML to create your Pilates studio forms. With our drag and drop interface, creating the forms you need to drive more leads and convert them into clients who are interested in your Pilates classes is simple. You will have access to pre-made templates and popups. Utilize free offers, newsletters, surveys, and whatever else you might need for your studio.

Turn happy students into raving fans so you can bring in more students

Using our customer review software, you can help your clients easily create positive reviews that can generate more business for your Pilates studio. People love to read reviews and many of them trust them as much as they do a close friend! Create a portal for reviews with your branding and URL that you can add to emails, websites, and more.

Auto-send your review template that has your studio’s logo, colors, and custom URL to your clients so you can gather feedback after they’ve finished their Pilates class. You can send it via text, email, social media, or through your website. The positive reviews that you get can auto-publish and your clients can use one-click sharing to send them to all kinds of social platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp.Pilates Studio Software 7

If one of your Pilates members isn’t happy, don’t worry. Negative reviews do not auto-publish, but instead will open up a trouble ticket so you can find out why they’re dissatisfied and remedy the problem.

Generating gorgeous customer satisfaction surveys is easy and you can do it any style that you want. Create 1 to 5-star reviews or 0 to 10 ratings. These stars can show up in searches related to Pilates, which can help drive traffic to your Pilates studio. When people see how much your current clients enjoy your classes, it can win them over and they could pick you for their next class!

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