Plumbing Software

SwiftCloud can be used as a complete plumbing software suite for a lot less money than competing systems for small and medium plumbing companies.

Key features of our plumbing software suite:

  1. Invoices including credit card and ACH e-Check payments, including the whole life-cycle from estimate / proposal to invoice to receipt. You can also easily clone a proposal, assemble from templates and snippets and more.
  2. Contact management – SwiftCloud’s plumbing software is built on a true social network, so every client is automatically designed for “life cycle management” – you can easily see a complete history, share data with other contractors, track marketing, and more
  3. e-Docs – signature of work orders, powerful sales proposals. The plumbing client we’ve been most working with is doing $300,000+ apartment construction projects.
  4. File management – storage of photos, notes about a file and what was done – even storage of warranty and parts info, problem areas, recommended changes for the future.

TIP: We’re also helping and increasing number of apartment rental companies and HOAs with our new subscription & recurring billing systems. SwiftCloud’s social functions can help you get more work and referrals by joining a “referral group”; contact us for more info about this new private-beta plan.

We’re small enough to actually talk to you in person on the phone, but big enough to be rapidly growing with thousands of clients.

Turn your happy clients into more sales!

Plumbing work falls into 2 categories:

  • Reactive: For this you need to be top of mind or top of Google – that’s it. Top of mind refers to branding, and having a book of business. Top of Google means you need to show up in searches, which requires either skill or money or both. SwiftCloud can help you rank higher and stay top of mind with the clients who know like and trust you. Assuming you get to page 1 of Google (most do not), you then need reviews and reputation protection – those 5 star reviews.
  • Proactive: This is typically construction, remodeling, or scheduled maintenance such as annual removal of tree roots from drains. Marketing can help create more of this work, and can move you up the value-ladder so you’re getting better projects. Referrals are absolutely key here, and signage on large commercial projects. “Biz Dev” CRM relationship management is also a key source, such as maintaining relationships with apartment management companies and condo HOAs.

SwiftCloud’s plumbing software can help you get more of both.

Plumbing Software 3Our powerful customer review software helps you get more reviews and referrals by automatically asking at the right time. Unhappy clients are 800% (8x!) more likely to share online, while happy customers just smile and say thanks unless you make it super easy to review, and ask at the right time.

We’ll try to push happy reviews all over the web, and unhappy customers can open a trouble ticket, feel heard, and perhaps some situation can be resolved in a way that’s win-win before they trash your reputation online.

NEW – “Sign & Pay” within a single e-Doc.

SwiftCloud’s plumbing software is part of a larger suite especially strong around e-Docs, with advanced proposal systems and legally binding electronic signature.

A new feature we are just now beta testing is “Sign & Pay”, so a customer can sign a doc and pay right on the spot, from their phone or a tablet, all on one page.

Here’s a very detailed demo of just the invoice system, but for a plumbing client specifically… note this is not really a sales video, so skip ahead as needed…

Never do a Robot’s Job.

Follow up should be automated. It’s not your job to know that client Jane Doe is on day 17 of her invoice. SwiftCloud’s plumbing software includes an appointment scheduler – like an e-Secretary to set appointments for you.

Stop wasting time with tasks that you can simply automate. For instance, if you automate your workflow to auto collect payments and signatures, you don’t have to worry about whether you have all the needed forms to get started. If a client books your services online, you can direct them to make a payment, fill out a sign-up form, auto-generate a contract to e-sign, and then finish up with a thank you note that lets them know how much you appreciate their business.

e-Waivers can protect your plumbing business.

Protecting your business with e-waivers is a must. 

You can use custom if-then branching logic to make your e-waivers as unique as each job you’re signing up for. For instance, if your client checks that they have two bathrooms, they’ll be prompted to fill out the information on each one separately. If they only have one, they get to skip this step, saving them time, and saving you the hassle of storing unneeded paperwork. 

With e-waivers, you can also lookup someone by name to make sure their information is fully entered and that they’ve signed. Use this information to add your clients to email lists and retarget ads. You can create auto surveys that trigger when the work is done. You can export to email lists. You can even email clients from within the app!

Don’t wait for paper

Waiting around for a client to sign a contract can lose you potential business if they decide to go somewhere else. Instead, get your clients to sign right when they get a quote, so you can be sure that you’re the plumber that they’re choosing. Let them e-sign using their phone, their tablet, their computer, or at a kiosk in person.

When your client does sign, you’ll both be put in a Social Shared Workroom where you can add notes, make comments, upload and download docs, and more. Each person will get an emailed PDF copy of the contract sent to them. 

With e-signatures, your contracts can auto-adapt based on your client. If they want an entire unit completed with your expert help, they’ll have more forms to sign than someone who just wants their downstairs toilet unclogged. You can also add photos for verification right into the doc. 

You can reuse your templates, which can save you time if you have a lot of different clients, or if someone calls for emergency services. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Done-for-you Setup – we’ll get your business set up by hand, for the next 10 plumbers. This offer is only for trade industries – plumbing, HVAC, electrical – we have some special plans to help you create more leads and referrals.

Risk-free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel at any time. 
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7 Key Bonus Tips to create more Plumbing Business:

  1. Automate your reviews – of course, using SwiftCloud. For people who don’t know you, this is a leading influencer of which plumber to choose if they search.
  2. Join a Referrals Group. SwiftCloud’s unique social network system allows you to do this online, or join a real-world group like BNI (referrals breakfast, max 1 of each biz-type, i.e. 1 plumber + 1 HVAC + 1 realtor).
  3. SEO for Maps & Local. Google and Bing know these are local services, and will show a map to nearby services usually. This is less competitive than ranking for broad keywords, though (3b.) definitely target your local city name. TIP: We have people that can do this for you on a per lead basis, if you don’t want to deal with it at all.
  4. Social Media is key for proactive work. This can also be a great way to cross-promote services. This won’t help you get more reactive work, but does help reinforce your brand as “that’s my plumber. Hope I never need him/her, but when I do, that’s who I call”.
  5. Video is powerful, but it’s better to NOT look “good”. I put the “good” in quotes because it’s about being real, being an expert, NOT being slick and polished. Nobody wants to feel sold to, but we do like to see videos about people who are truly good at what they do, passionate about helping people, and can offer a service. Tiny quick videos shot with your phone about how you solved a customer’s problem can be really powerful at helping us feel like you’re an expert and like we know you. I know you’re shy or don’t want to be on camera. Take 10 minutes when you’re on a client’s job, shoot some tiny thing about how you solved a problem and get over being camera shy (“real” is better than “salesy and polished”) and you’ll get more work. Video can sell for you 24/7, is easy to pass along online, and magnifies your time.
  6. Setup Retargeting (ads that follow you around the web) for proactive work only. If someone needs emergency flooding services, they probably got it solved 24 hours later. Remodeling, however, is a slower buying cycle.
  7. You need a great website. I know some people know like and trust you, but what about their friends? Not the guy you drink beer with, he’s “in the choir” already sold on you – what about his referrals? Friends-of-friends require more trust. You need a great website for those people, and also for higher end work like apartment managers and commercial work. We can help.

You should be able to simply switch from paper to automation, and SwiftCloud can help you make the jump, whether you’re interested in our customizable marketing integrations, using e-signatures and e-waivers, leveraging client reviews to get more business, or automating your workflow.

Frequently Asked Plumbing Software Questions

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