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SwiftCloud®, a developer of a web based productivity suite for small businesses has released a new plugin for any business to easily start tracking customer satisfaction and add marketing automation for both positive and negative reviews.

CEO Roger Vaughn explains “in today’s socially connected and more transparent world, everyone has an online reputation, like it or not. Unfortunately though, unhappy people are 800% more likely to talk online, so online reputations are fragile. We’ve had reputation management cases where negative reviews were traced back to competitors, not even real clients. We strongly believe every company needs to take an active role in shaping their online reputations, helping success stories bubble up and into marketing, and take action on any negative reviews so they don’t happen again.”

The system allows a variety of review styles, such as the 0-10 “how likely are you to recommend us to a friend”, the 5-star style popular on google, and alternative styles such as directly asking for referrals with “Have we earned your referrals?” and a yes-no response.

Positive responses then trigger social network sharing options for one-click sharing to facebook and other networks, optional direct referral requests or options to send a gift or discount to a friend, and positive reviews can optionally be automatically published online, and in some cases, syndicated to other industry-specific third-party sites, such as Zillow.com for real estate agents, or RealSelf.com for plastic surgeons.

Negative reviews then trigger options for additional information from the reviewer, and the system opens a trouble ticket for the site operator to try and make the situation better, hopefully before the unhappy customer reviews further online. “We encourage businesses to thank unhappy customers for bringing the situation to their attention, and taking action on the review, which might include policy changes or personnel retraining for example” states Roger. The system allows for a variety of notification option logic based on positive or negative reviews.

The system allows for both categories, tags, and invisible tracking variables such as customer support agent ID, franchise location information, and even technical data such as screen resolution, browser, and language settings to allow staff to respond effectively. Reporting export tools allow managers to see scores by various criteria, and a simple dashboard shows rolling averages.

The company provides enterprise customization options for business intelligence dashboards, API export options, and implementation services.

Roger continues “Every business wants referrals, and most small businesses, over 79%, depend on them but have no formal system for getting more referrals. This system gives business owners an easy to implement system for gathering customer satisfaction feedback, then engaging delighted customers to becoming raving fans to refer them, share online, and become brand ambassadors. This also helps connect customer success back to marketing.”

The system also includes viral marketing options which generate a unique tracking URL for each person who shares, reporting to a leaderboard which displays the most influential brand advocates.

The plugin is part of a new “RAVE” (Reviews & Advocate & Viral Engagement) offering from Swift Marketing, a marketing automation provider. The product works with WordPress, the world’s most popular open source content management system, powering over 25% of all websites with millions of active users.

The WordPress plugin is available free at https://wordpress.org/plugins/advocate-marketing/, though certain functions require a paid account on http://SwiftCloud.AI to work.

SwiftCloud is a software-as-a-service (“SAAS”) provider focused entirely on small business needs. The suite includes common business functions like task and project management, contact management, messaging systems, online social file and document storage, electronic signature, timeclock software, invoicing and basic accounting systems and more. The company is privately held and based in Las Vegas, NV and was bootstrapped by Roger Vaughn, a former real estate agent and mortgage lender.


If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Roger Vaughn at 800-840-3928 or email at SwiftCloudCEO@Gmail.com


Press & Media Contact

  • Roger Vaughn
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