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SwiftCloud®, a developer of a web based productivity suite for small businesses has released a new plugin for any business to easily add influencer marketing and a press room to any WordPress based website.

The plugin is a portion of a new product that addresses the increasingly blurry lines between conventional press relations, influencer marketing, and guest blogging.

CEO Roger Vaughn explains, “A single influencer or single media outlet can reach millions or thousands of people, and while the agendas differ, some of the needs do overlap. Both seek to provide real value to their respective audiences, both need to understand the heart of a story quickly. Both parties serve as a bridge and have their audiences interests at heart.”

Influencer marketing is widely expected to be the marketing strategy with the highest return for 2017 by industry insiders. “Influencer Marketing” refers to a marketing strategy focused on leveraging online leaders have audience attention and influence, usually through social media. Typical campaigns include social media stars, such as l’oreal the cosmetics company’s work with Michelle Phan, who has an audience over six million subscribers on YouTube.

Roger continues, “influencer marketing and conventional PR are both very much based on individual relationships. Simply spamming out press releases isn’t going work, nor will attempting to engage influencers without a real understanding of their interests and agenda. The best influencers are already deluged with attention that they need to filter and financially in good shape. Building these relationships can be tricky, and value needs to be quickly apparent. A focused, high-value approach is table stakes.”

Guest blogging is a strategy embodied by sites like Huffington Post, and seeks to create win-win-win partnerships wherein one party provides audience exposure, another party provides high quality unique content, and the audience receives a unique perspective.

The plugin is part of a new “IMPRESS” (Influencer Marketing & PR Engagement Software) offering from Swift Marketing, a marketing automation provider. The product works with WordPress, the world’s most popular open source content management system, powering over 25% of all websites with millions of active users.

SwiftCloud is a software-as-a-service (“SAAS”) provider focused entirely on small business needs. The suite includes common business functions like task and project management, contact management, messaging systems, online social file and document storage, electronic signature, timeclock software, invoicing and basic accounting systems and more. The company is privately held and based in Las Vegas, NV and was bootstrapped by Roger Vaughn, a former real estate agent and mortgage lender.

The plugin itself is available free on https://wordpress.org/plugins/influencer-marketing/ though certain functions require a paid account on http://SwiftCloud.AI to work.


If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Roger Vaughn at 800-840-3928 or email at SwiftCloudCEO@Gmail.com


Press & Media Contact

  • Roger Vaughn
  • 800-840-3928