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Note: I’m a fan of Feastly, which is like AirBnB or Uber for chefs and can recommend them. The below case study is not running our software; from what I can tell they built their own system. The info below is included as a reference, and all of this is possible with our WordPress plugin.

First, after eating some lovely waffles on a Sunday with my family I received this follow-up:

product review software wordpress plugin

What I like:

  1. Clear email subject with the specific event (product) in the title, phrased as a question so it’s all crystal clear before I even open the email
  2. The stars and formatting in the email is all clear, centered, spaced, nicely formatted
  3. They are smart in trying to upsell me, with a choice at a similar time of week.
  4. Overall the language is very clear and direct.

My only tiny note is there’s really no option for zero stars, but honestly, I’m not sure anyone would ever rate this zero stars, so that’s quite trivial.

Once clicked, we get to a nice very clear screen:

wordpress reviews plugin

What I like:

  • It’s crystal clear what’s public and what’s private.
  • The design is boring in a good way, so as to not distract the user from the matter at hand
  • The guidelines is a well done and classy way to keep it nice (below)
  • Starting with a single review then “upselling” for more info is smart so as to not overwhelm the user.

What I don’t like:

  • [update: see below] The form doesn’t adapt to the number of stars like our plugin does – there’s no logic or intelligence to it. A happy customer review should get syndicated around the web, shared socially, sent to marketing to convert into marketing assets, and attempts should be made to upsell and cross-sell the customer. A negative review should be treated as a trouble ticket.
  • Photos of the event (they have from booking) would have helped trigger my memory and probably get a more accurate answer.

Here’s the guidelines expanded for reference:

review guidelines

Once the above is clicked we get upsold for more info – smart.

Note: These are real reviews, so I did not test a bad review – it’s possible they have bad-review handled via backend programming instead of front-end and thus we wouldn’t see how they handle those unless I created a real bad review, which I wasn’t willing to do.

I was totally happy with my host, the below 2 stars is for demo and not yet submitted…

By getting a single star-rating first, the number of reviewers will be higher, but this allows them to tease out some details. Our plugin does not yet do this, but if you need it let us know and we’ll build it in, it’s well done and helpful to better understand areas of improvement.

Company Reviews Software

Here’s the last step, for language reference:

Wordpress company review software

To get started with our system, start with our WordPress Review Software plugin here.