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TL;DR: A tiny number of people can ruin your business.

A recent Waiver horror story we heard about:

  1. Client runs a water sports facility. Most people are cool, just want to have fun.  They had a self-serve paper system.
  2. Some people came, and she got a weird vibe from them but by then it was already too late. Just a vibe, but nothing else.
  3. Weeks later a lawsuit showed up claiming injury. She thought “no problem, we’ve got a waiver.”
  4. Except they didn’t. No waivers matched their names. Maybe they signed with someone else’s name, maybe they never signed it, the owner didn’t know.
  5. Client tried to fight it, but insurance made an easy settlement payment.
  6. Scammers probably do this on rinse and repeat, collecting $5k-$20k from each business owner.

Lesson: It’s not enough to be “generally good” – you need bulletproof systems.

Another case we heard of: People “redlining” contracts, just crossing out sections they don’t agree with and initialing it. e-Sign won’t allow this, of course, but if that contract were to go to court, it might cast that clause into doubt.

There’s a solution: stop leaving your business open to lawsuits, flippant claims, and legal headaches by getting your e-Waivers signed instantly on any device.

According to research, small businesses account for over 80% of tort liability costs.  So why are small businesses targeted for frivolous lawsuits?

Small Businesses are More Likely to Settle Out of CourtWill You Get Scammed? Nobody thinks they will. 5

Small businesses often don’t have the resources to go up against a lawsuit and therefore are more likely to settle out of court. This is why your business might get targeted by someone who claims you are responsible for damage to property or personal injury.

Even if you have a release of liability waiver, clients can still sue. Though most people are not going to lie on their waiver, sometimes you may encounter someone who has used a false name, red-lined / line-out edited the document, or simply overlooked a section they needed to sign. Any of this can leave you open to lawsuits. They may not win but they can still cost you valuable time and money.

Getting sued can kill your entire business — and it’s more common than you think.

Getting your waivers signed should be as simple as you can possibly make it. We want to make sure that your business is protected and that it’s done quickly with little difficulty.

If you’re still using paper documents that someone has to physically sign at your place of business, the hassle of this can cause oversights — especially when there are multiple people involved at once — that can end up leaving your company vulnerable.

SwiftCloud e-Waivers can be instantly generated using if-then branching logic in seconds, designed for real-time use on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, kiosk, or signature pad. You can even use them offline.

99% accuracy just isn’t good enough.

Digitizing your waivers means more than just getting instant signatures. It can mean the difference between knowing if someone provided accurate and detailed information and whether they skipped sections, leaving you and your business liable for any damages. Waiver management software allows you to instantly look people up to see if they signed their name, provided their number, email, and date.

We sell what we believe to be the best solution, designed to help you streamline your business. If you’re still debating on e-Waivers, check out our page:

A New Solution — and not just for quick signatures:

Creating a customized e-waiver with your personal logo, background, questions, and waiver text should only take a few minutes for most businesses. We work with this system every day to solve real-world problems and can automate marketing flows, customer feedback reviews, and use adaptive logic so your documents can work as your assistant, saving your team time.

Utilize if-then logic for kids versus parents. Embed photos and additional legal protection to remind staff who is who. Take advantage of smoother customer experiences and put your business on auto-pilot. You can trigger follow-up surveys, export to marketing lists, and email from within the app.

Signing in Advance Saves Time — Saving Will You Get Scammed? Nobody thinks they will. 6Time Saves Money

Customers can sign online in advance. They can be directed to sign from your website, an email, or even a text message. Since waivers can be completed on phones, customers can simply fill out their waiver in advance. This reduces congestion at your business, saving valuable time and reducing the frustration caused by trying to keep track of all the paper documents. Your repeat customers can save their information so they can auto-fill the form the next time they’re in, saving even more time and work.

Whatever type of industry you’re in, we can help make your life easier with e-Waivers that are customizable, fast, easy to use, and legally binding.

Get Started Today with SwiftCloud’s e-Waiver Software

It’s easy to switch.

You can use our template to get started or upload to the cloud drive and convert your current waiver to an editable doc. You can also connect to other software systems via APIs and automation. Our support team can help you with the setup if you need it, using if-then logic for allergies, injuries, and any other applicable information, and we’ll help you create a streamlined marketing follow-up, integrate payment flows, and more.

For most businesses, everything is up and running within a few days, and all packages come with a risk-free guarantee. With e-Waivers, you have extra protection for your business and that’s more than worth it.

Take a moment now to sign up for your risk-free trial, or schedule a demo with our team.